Oliver Greene has had a rather strange life, from sleepwalking and waking up in strange places, to sometimes being able to move things with her mind. Only she just shrugs it off as her being crazy.
Not until her powers fully develop does she start to wonder who she really is.
And why is her best friend suddenly so secretive?


1. Chapter One

Oliver woke up with a start. She found herself (luckily) to be in her own bed. Ever since she was little she'd sleepwalk, unfortunately she still hadn't grown out of it. Oliver threw the blankets off of her sweaty skin. She had had a nightmare previously before waking up. That wasn't anything unusual either though.

Oliver was used to the strangeness her life often held. That didn't mean she enjoyed it. She often felt envious of others who had what appeared to be normal lives. At least they didn't sleepwalk or have nightmares every night. She'd think.

After Oliver got dressed for school she walked downstairs to eat breakfast. She was home by herself. Her father had already left for work and her mom lived in a town over with her other family.

Another thing Oliver hated was how her mom seemed to think of her and her dad as trash she could throw away. At least that's what she did as soon as she met her now husband, Vincent. Oliver couldn't stand the guy in the few times she'd seen him.

Oliver brought out her phone to text her best friend, Violet to let her know she'd be walking. Oliver needed time to herself before she had to deal with all the idiots at her high school. There were a few students she could stand, but most of them just got on her nerves.

As Oliver walked down the sidewalk to high school, which wasn't very far from her house, Oliver suddenly got the strange feeling of being watched. She turned her head back to see if somebody was behind her, but couldn't see anybody. She shook her head, trying to shake the odd feeling.

Great now I'm paranoid too. Oliver thought. Oliver started walking faster to reach school sooner. The feeling of being watched finally went away when she reached the parking lot. She saw Violet's car and trotted over there. Violet was just getting out of her car.

Violet was a pretty girl. She had dyed her brown hair a dark purple and she mostly dressed in black. Some classified her as 'emo', but she wasn't. She just dressed differently than others. She was far more normal than Oliver would ever be. That's what Oliver thought.

"Hey," Violet greeted Oliver. "You okay?" Violet asked this whenever Oliver would walk instead of catching a ride from her. And Oliver would answer with the same statement every time.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Oliver forced a smile, hoping it was convincing.

"If you're sure, Ollie." Violet said. They walked into the school together. Violet catching peoples attention, which wasn't out of the ordinary. Violet didn't mind though.

Classes went by slowly that day for Oliver. She kept glancing up at the clock, but it seemed as if time had stopped. She wanted class to hurry up so she could somewhat prepare for her mother's visit.

Her mother was rather uptight and always accusing Oliver's father of not taking care of Oliver properly. If Oliver's mom had her way Oliver would be locked up in a mental institution.

Oliver knew she had....problems, but she didn't need to be locked away in a mental hospital. She wasn't harming anyone, or herself. She just sleepwalked and had nightmares. Oh, and the occasional paranoia.

As soon as the last bell of the day rung Oliver dashed out of class. She met up with Violet in the parking lot and Violet drove Oliver home.

"Is your mom going to be a bitch tonight?" Violet said. Violet had hatred in her voice. Oliver knew why. Violet didn't like seeing people hurt her best friend.

"I hope not, but it's inevitable." Oliver said. "It's her way of thinking she's still a part of my life." Violet scoffed, which in turn made Oliver scowl. "She means well, Vi."

"I'm not convinced." Violet muttered, but Oliver had heard her. Oliver sighed, looking out of the window, watching as house after house passed by. Most of the neighborhoods houses were painted white or ivory. Oliver didn't like the plain colors, but it was what their town liked. They liked being ordinary and plain.

When Violet arrived at Oliver's house they both got out. Violet was staying to support her friend. She knew how Oliver's mother was. Violet had always been protective of Oliver though.

"What should I wear?" Oliver asked, worriedly. Oliver knew how her mom was when it came to clothing. Her mother was a perfectionist in everything and she expected her daughter to be the same way. Oliver couldn't help but feel like a disappointment to her mom.

"Wear whatever you want." Oliver rolled her eyes.

"Thanks for the help." Oliver said sarcastically, going back to the clothes in her closet. Oliver finally decided on a simple pair of baby blue skinny jeans and a white and black striped shirt. It was her typical style, but she was dressed up for being at home.

"Ollie your mom's here." Her dad called up. Oliver casted a quick look over at Violet, who in turn smiled encouragingly. Oliver took a deep breath and walked downstairs, Violet following close behind.

Oliver's mom was standing far away from Oliver's dad, which wasn't surprising. Oliver's mom couldn't stand being in the same room with her dad. Oliver did her best to not let it show that that bothered her.

Her mom was dressed in her normal attire, fancy trousers and a blouse. She wore minimal makeup to show off her natural beauty, which Oliver had not gotten.

"Hello, Olive." Oliver cringed at the nickname her mother had given her at an early age. Oliver hadn't minded it when she was little, but now she did. It made her feel like a vulnerable kid again.

"Hello," Oliver greeted. It was best to be formal with her mother. She didn't like being talked to unformally. "How's Vincent?"

"Vincent is doing well. He just got promoted at work." Oliver's mom forced a fake smile. Oliver could tell it was fake. Her mom had never been a good liar. That's how she figured out what was going on between her parents.

"And Rylie, Sara? Are they well?" Oliver's mom huffed in annoyance.

"Yes, they're well. Now let's stop talking about them." Oliver nodded her head. Violet glared at Oliver's mom, Beatrice.

They all sat down at the dining room table, which wasn't very big. Normally it was just Oliver and her dad, sometimes Violet would come over and eat, but that didn't happen very often.

Oliver's dad, Thomas brought out the food. He had taken up cooking classes to cook good meals for Oliver after Beatrice left. He turned out to actually be a pretty good cook.

"This looks delightful, Thomas." Beatrice spoke. Thomas smiled modestly.

"Thank you for making dinner, Mr. Greene." Violet spoke. Thomas gave Violet a pointed look.

"You know you can call me Thomas, Violet." Violet smirked, knowing that being called Mr. Greene made Thomas feel older than he actually was. Thomas was definitely the father Violet wished she had.

After dinner Oliver decided to wash the dishes as a way to avoid her mom. She wanted to avoid the medication talk her mom was bound to ask about.

"Your mom wasn't so bad tonight. I'm surprised." Violet spoke to Oliver. Oliver nodded her head, only half listening. "She must've taken something earlier to take the edge off." Violet laughed at her own joke. Oliver scowled down at the white dinner plate in her hands.

It was likely her mom had taken something to ease her nerves. She usually did when she was feeling stressed. Oliver found herself wondering what could possibly be stressing her mother out. It couldn't be her. Oliver was convinced her mom no longer cared for her.

"She probably did." Oliver spoke after a few seconds. Violet frowned. "What?"

"You've been sad this whole time. What's wrong?" Oliver rolled her eyes. She was sure Violet already had a pretty good idea. They both could read each other pretty well, due to the fact that they've been friend since first grade.

"I'm fine...It's just that I'm waiting for her to ask my dad about my medication." Violet's frown deepened. She stayed quiet for a while, clearly deep in thought. Oliver went back to washing the dishes.

"Will he lie?" Violet asked. Oliver shook her head. There was no way he'd lie to Beatrice. He still loved her for some reason. Oliver didn't know why after her mother's betrayal.

"She's going to keep pushing me to go to boarding school or some other place far away that'll help with my 'problems'." Oliver scoffed. "I'm fine. I'm fully functional. I haven't hurt anybody or myself, so really what's the problem?" In her moment of anger she dropped a glass. Oliver cursed. Violet looked at her friend worriedly. Oliver was mostly composed and quiet. That was what her mother had drilled into her, but now Violet could see that her friend was crumbling at the seams.

"I'll clean it up. Go sit down and calm down." Oliver reluctantly nodded her head. Violet watched as her best friend left the room.

Oliver stopped before entering the living room after hearing her parent's voices.

"Thomas this is serious. She needs help!" Oliver took a deep breath. They were obviously fighting about her.

"She's fine, Beatrice. Her medicine has been helping tremendously." That was a lie. Oliver was shocked that he'd lie. Maybe he truly thought they were helping. She hadn't somehow ended up sleepwalking over to the neighbors house in a while.

"Really? I'm not buying it." Oliver heard her dad take a deep breath. He was obviously stressed. "When do you plan on telling her? She can't keep going through life thinking she has a mental illness." Oliver furrowed her brows in confusion at this. What was her mom talking about?

"I plan on telling her soon. I'm just struggling with what to say." Oliver's mom sighed.

"Well, hurry up or you might lose your daughter too." Oliver frowned at that. How could her mom say that to her dad? Oliver could never hate her father no matter what. She felt resentment towards her mom for obvious reasons, but she had no reason to be resentful towards her dad.

She heard her mom leave the house. She hadn't even said bye. Oliver wasn't surprised by this. She never said goodbye to Oliver before leaving.

Now Oliver planned on questioning her dad about what he's been hiding from her. She wasn't sure if he'd tell the truth or not.


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