Out of the Terror; Return of the Fear

Please read "Return of the Fear" First!!


1. ONE


Out of the Terror

Chapter One:



"You'd better hope she's alive." Josh snarled darkly at Jacob before turning his horse and taking off; Conner and Dylan following. "Trust me," He whispered to himself as he too galloped after him, 'I want her to be as much as you." Ever since they had found the locket their bodies had been filled with dread of the worse, but only Josh showed it by acting vicious; though mainly towards Jacob. "So, any idea's?" He heard Conner ask, he had gotten better at riding and was now able to keep up with them. "There is one place I can think she might be, I pray I'm wrong." The commander responded, heading for the smashed Wall which beyond held who knew, no one had really lived to tell. "We're going out there?!" Kiali's ex-best friend exclaimed and rushed to pull beside Josh, who nodded his head without looking at him. "Of course..." Was all Jacob could say as they reached the Wall, and passed through it. He was much more accustomed to seeing the blood everywhere, but it still sent shivers up his spine; and this time was no different. "We ride until I saw stop, no one asks and no one complains." The leader commanded and the other three nodded, all staying silent. And wishing to be there quiet soon...


~To Kiali~

Kiali's P.O.V


     My head was pounding, the feeling of something cold against my skin tingled down my spine as I blinked. "Ow!" Pain shot through my left eye when I'd done that, I couldn't see out of it; at least, not clearly. Either something was covering it or there was something very wrong with my sight. Aiming to tap my eye it was then that I realized the second thing that was wrong; my arms were chained back up against a wall. Pulling with all my might I groaned and dropped my head, it hadn't done anything but cut deep into my wrists; I could feel the blood dripping down my arms. Now fully awake I tried to see my surroundings with merely one eye, but it was too dark around to make much of anything but a small table on my right and a chair at its side. "H-Hello..?" I called into the pressing darkness, hoping for who knew what, maybe just hoping I wasn't alone. "Oh, I didn't know you were awake my dear!" I knew that voice...calm like Josh's but stern like Conner...closing my eyes I tried to remember where I heard it from. "D-Doctor Matthews!" I gasped, throwing my head up and smiling as the women walked forward and lit a lamp. I suddenly wish I was alone...the small table was full of sharp, deadly, and very red objects. The chair held four straps, two on the arm rests and two on the legs. "Now then, let's get started shall we?" Walking over she took a small silver key out of her pocket, unlocked my chains, then grabbed me roughly by the shoulder before pushing me into the chair.
     Too stunned to say anything I watched in utter shock as the women I once trusted strapped my arms and legs down, humming brightly as she did so. "I already tested on you while you were asleep, I must say you don't put up much of a fight." Her voice was airy and, bubbly. Unbelievable! "L-Let me go.." I pleaded feebly as she examined her sharp objects, obviously deciding which one to use first. "But you intrigue me. What you saw that day is bound to help me figure out everything." W-what was she talking about? What I saw that day? And...help her to do what, exactly? "So, tell me everything you witnessed." And she swiftly pressed a blade to my right arm, pushing down. "O-oww!" My own voice echoed off the stone walls, bouncing back and back again until it dimmed into the shadows. "I'll ask again.." Doc. Matthews snarled, pressing even harder now. "I-I saw them t-throwing rocks!" "Throwing rocks?" She stood up, grabbed a notebook, and scribbled something down. "Which means they've gained the ability to think as mass killer now, throwing boulders would murder many in seconds. More!" Fearing more blades I spit everything out, from how they threw the rocks at targets and about when I saw them climbing the wall to get inside.
     She seemed very interested in all of it, her eyes moving to and fro as she wrote word per word I spoke in a cracked and shaky whisper. "You've been very helpful Kiali Summers, thank you. As for return, I'll remove your bandage." Bandage? What did that~ my thought was answered the moment it popped up as she stepped forward and unwrapped something around my left eye. "Take a look." She cackled and lifted a mirror in front of me. I screamed. My right eye was the normal pale blue that Jacob called 'moon light', while my left one...was gray. "W-what did you d-do?!" "I injected you with a serum that brings back old memories, unfortunately for you it had to be placed in the eye, closer to the brain. One of the side effects," Matthews wiped her bloody blade clean and set it back on the metal table with a dark grin. "It that is removes all color from that eye. Soon, it will be pure white and useless to you. Sorry my dear." No...no....no!!! Shaking my head vigorously I felt tears form in only my right eye, my left seemed unhuman. "Let's get you chained back up so you can't get any ideas." And before I knew it I was back on the wall with my arms held up at my sides. "Y-You'll never get away with t-this...Jacob and Josh will stop y-you..." I hissed at her, my good eye narrowing at her. She laughed and leaned in close, speaking in a low mutter. "Jacob? The one who left you because you finally managed to speak? My dear, he left because now that you have a voice, you'll want to speak. Very dangerous, wouldn't you say?' Instead of responding I spat in her face, growling now. Standing back up she wiped her face, then smacked me hard across the face; knocking me out cold.

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