Frankenstein's Monster

I was a mere experiment but a success. Nothing of worth but unique. My creator did not want me, he wanted what came after I was made, recognition. Yet to him, I was only a disgust despite the fact he redefined my past selves.


3. Dust and Blood

Hours pass like minutes, the sun rises, then sets within what feels like mere moments. But yet, I could feel each second etch another stage of loneliness. I was dirty, bathed in blood, my skin having another layer. I was cold, always. My creator hasn't returned, though I can hear him outside of the door, his footsteps felt loud against the wooded floors. Those footsteps were the only thing that I could hear when they were there, but when they were not, there were people. There was a ladder in the room, which led up to another platform which acted like another floor. There, next to the rows of bookshelves was a large window, which acted almost as a portal. 


From here I could see every step of life. There were children, they were playing with a stray dog which I presumed lived on the street since the dog could always been seen trotting along the street. There were adults, shopping at the street stalls, buying the food for them and their children. And then there were the elders, shuffling through the cold winds.  I couldn't help but not feel anything for any of the people out there cause I am not one of them, I am my own being. Though one thing is for certain. I might be immortal, but I am a monster. 




A few days have gone by, he has still not returned. I don't think that he will come back to me, I am not going to wait for him much longer. I did take a fancy to his books though, his Shakespeare books were particular favourites. I still don't understand how I can remember things such as reading, but not remember my past. I know I am not brand new, I know that much. I reached out for his copy of Macbeth, it was cloaked in dust. I opened the hardback book and flicked open the first page, but I cut my finger. 


Its strange to think that I bleed like a Human. 
I should bleed like a monster.

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