Fangirl Quotes😭😍😱

Quotes about the sad reality of being a fangirl


2. Two

Today it hit me

I realize that I'll never be yours

You'll never call me your girl.

I'm never going to wake up beside you

I'll never get to have tickle fights with you..

And I'll never be the one you say goodnight to

But most of all,

You'll never hear my laugh

Though I've heard yours millions of times

Well never have "I love you more" fights.

I'm never gonna cuddle with you

Or stay up until 4am talking to you

I'm not gonna grow old with you

I won't be able to play video games with you

And laugh at how angry you get at the game

I'll never get to have pointless fights with you

When I cry you won't be there to comfort me

You won't be the one I can go to for advice

You won't ever be my boyfriend or my husband

And that's hurt

Because I love you so much

But you won't ever love me back

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