Fangirl Quotes😭😍😱

Quotes about the sad reality of being a fangirl


7. New chapter

She loved a boy

She has never met him

She has never even talked to him

But this boy was her source of happiness

Every night she cried

She cried over the thought

Of never meeting him

Never getting the chance to

Hug him

Kiss him

Say thank you

For saving her life

For making her smile

And making her laugh

She cried over the thought of

Never getting the chance

To meet him and say how much

She loves him

It hit her one night

How much this one boy

Meant to her

She had come to love

Every single thing he was

He made her a better person

But she was so full of loving him

That she forgot to leave some love

For herself

And the worst Part is

He doesn't even know she exists

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