Mr. & Mrs. Doctor Who

This is a story after the Doctor and Rose are married. Walk with them in their lives and witness their love for one another and the hardships of to much love.


5. Torture

Chapter 5


Roses Point of View

The pain was overwhelming. Screaming, crying, agony. I could see the window which was clearly one like you would see in a recording studio. I knew deep down that the Doctor was through there, watching me and listening to me scream. I had to stop. The more I showed my pain, the more pain the doctor would be in.  Biting my tongue as the next wave of electricity ran through my veins, I was able to hold back my screams. Just then, the mirror glass faded and turned to a see through window. Through it I could see the doctor and the person I thought I was never going to see again. Cassandra. "Rose, are you ok?" the doctor asked with an air of deep sorrow and concern in his voice.

" I'm ok I think. How is Cassandra.." I was cut off by Cassandras evil laugh.

"Alive? Well I can see you are a bitch and dumb. Oh but honey you have a choice to make. Either you let me in and become my meat suit again, or you and the doctor will be kept apart and tortured for the rest of the short time you have left."

"Rose, no, don't even think about saving me... stay with me...."

With that the doctors voice was cut off and the window turned back into a mirror. Cassandra sauntered into the room. "Now my dear, what will you choice be?"

                                       The Doctors Point of View

I knew what Rose would choose. It was part of herself to save people. Don't get me wrong, I loved Rose and all of her personal qualities, but I hated that she would kill herself to save me. just then, I remembered my sonic screwdriver. I was able to reach it with my hands and was able to cut myself free.  Now to find a way to get to Rose. Using the sonic screwdriver, I burnt a hole into the glass and nearly fainted. Rose sat, chained to a chair in the middle of the room. Bruised, bloody, and unconscious, she looked so fragile and weak. Walking towards her, I couldn't say anything but "Rose, I'm so sorry. Damn it I'm sorry I wasn't here to protect you."

 Carrying her out, I got her back to the TARDIS and prayed for her to wake up. 



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