Mr. & Mrs. Doctor Who

This is a story after the Doctor and Rose are married. Walk with them in their lives and witness their love for one another and the hardships of to much love.


2. The Wedding

Chapter 2

The Wedding

The Doctors Point of View

My heart stopped in awe. Who could have thought a human could be so beautiful. Her dress, hanging around her body like a blinding halo, made her look even more beautiful. Adjectives swarmed in my head: Radiant, beautiful, perfect, most importantly, mine. Taking her by the hand and pulling her close, I repeated after the minister. At the words "You may now kiss the bride", I nearly died. Brushing her lips with my own, I could taste the cherry lip gloss and feel both hers and mine passions and undying love for one another. This was truly the best day of my life. Now it was our time. It was our time to have a life, a family, to have a perfect and wonder filled life.

Roses Point of View

The wedding was more than perfect. All people stared at me as I walked down the isle. "NO!" I wanted to shout. "Look at the doctor and not me. Look into his eyes and see the love he has for me that no words can describe. Look into his eyes and see that I am his and he is mine.

Afterwards, it was time to party! Everything was perfect. The cake was wonderful. The photos turned out wonderfully. Now it was time to make a family.

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