Mr. & Mrs. Doctor Who

This is a story after the Doctor and Rose are married. Walk with them in their lives and witness their love for one another and the hardships of to much love.


9. The Third Of Nine

Chapter 9

The Third Of Nine

Roses Point of View

I know deep down I should wait until I am in at least my fifth month to start picking names. I have only been pregnant for three months, but it feels like an eternity. I am thrilled that I am with child, but I hate the morning sickness, cravings, the weight gain. The Doctor takes a picture of me every week and hangs it in the control room. He loves putting his hands on my belly and talking about what our child will be like.

Today is a special day for us however. The Doctor and I are going to see my mother and go have and ultrasound. My mother already knows about the baby. At first she was angry, but she has come to except the fact that I love the doctor with all my heart, mind, and soul.  Looking down at my belly, I realize how quickly I was showing. I must have a really quick growing child. The doctor came in then and started to get going. The TARDIS began to spin quicker and quicker. When I felt us land I looked at the doctor with a grin on my face. His face was a copy of mine, taking my hand, he lead me to my mothers apartment. Walking in, I was surprised to see Mickey, and immediately  knew things were about to get awkward.

                                                                        Doctors Point of View

Walking in to the apartment and seeing Mickey really shouldn't have surprised me. Of course Roses mom would be going around telling everyone she was going to be a grandmother. Mickey would be here to yell at me and make sure Rose was ok.

"Ah look who is here", I said, "Mickey the idiot."

"Yup it is me. The one who Rose should have been with so she wouldn't be in danger all the time." Mickey said with his fists clenched. You could tell he was ready to attack me. It was very smart of him not to.

Jackie glared at the both of us and walked to Rose wrapping her in a tight embrace.

"Hi honey. Are you feeling ok? Is the doctor treating you right?" Jackie asked.

"Mom I am fine. You don't have to worry the Doctor takes care of me," Rose said making me smile.

"Yeah to bad your never around reassuring me and your mother." Mickey said with a voice of ice.

Walking towards him, I clenched my fists.

"You need to shut your mouth. I take great care of Rose. You need to remember she chose me over you. You should also know she is carrying MY baby not yours. So shut the hell up or I swear to god I will..."

I stopped and turned when I heard a sniffle from behind me. Rose was in tears looking at both of us. Rushing towards her, I took her in my arm and tucked her into a tight hug.

"What is wrong sweetheart?"

"Do you two ever stop fighting? I want this to be a good day that is not ruined by bickering."

She turned and looked back.

"Come on we are going to be late for the ultrasound."


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