Mr. & Mrs. Doctor Who

This is a story after the Doctor and Rose are married. Walk with them in their lives and witness their love for one another and the hardships of to much love.


3. The Honeymoon

Chapter 3

The Honeymoon

Roses point of view

"Where to Mrs. Doctor" asked the Doctor, still suffering from overwhelming joy. "To the most romantic place ever Mr. Doctor" I replied. The TARDIS began to twirl, faster and faster until it hit something causing it to stop. Rolling over laughing, I looked at the doctor and immediately stopped laughing. His face had hardened, a look of deep concern filling his eyes. "What...What is it Doctor?"

"Something isn't right." he said. "We stopped before we had reached our destination and my psychic note pad nor my TARDIS knows where the hell we are."

" we just get out and explore or do we stay here?" I ask ever so cautiously.

"Both" The Doctor said. "I will go out and see what is going on. You Rose, for Gods sake, stay put."

"That's not fair! Just because I'm your wife now doesn't mean that I cant go out and explore with you. Together remember?"

"Alright. But first don't get me wrong, I love your dress, but it is not doing wonders for my concentration. You should go change into something a little more... concealing."

Laughing, I went into the changing room. I had gotten used to such a large closet with so many styles of clothing. After about 20 minutes of searching and changing, I was ready to go. I was wearing track pants, a t-shirt, tennis shoes, and my hair was in a slightly sloppy ponytail. Walking back into the main area, I realized the Doctor was gone.

"Doctor? Doctor!" He had left me. How dare him. We promised each other we would do everything together. Running out the door, I stopped short seeing the doctor on the ground unconscious but coming to. "Doctor! Honey, what the hell happened?!?"

"Behind you" he whispered in a barely audible whisper. Before I could turn around, I was being beaten and knocked to the ground, the last thing I remembered is hearing the Doctor trying to get up and reach me, screaming my name, and a dark, familiar figure stalking towards me. It brought its hand down, sending me into a inevitable darkness.

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