Mr. & Mrs. Doctor Who

This is a story after the Doctor and Rose are married. Walk with them in their lives and witness their love for one another and the hardships of to much love.


10. Questions Answered

Chapter 10

Questions Answered

The Doctors Point of View

Sitting in the waiting room was out of the ordinary for me. I was always in the TARDIS and out exploring all of the universes beyond the earth. I looked at Rose to search for any signs of fear or nervousness. She was sitting there rubbing her little stomach and looking at it affectionately. I had been sitting across from her but I moved beside her.

"Are you nervous?" I asked. She looked at me with her big brown eyes and gave a small smile.

"I am not nervous, I am just anxious to know what are child is. I am ready to hold it in my arms and be a mother. I am ready for us to start our family."

Quickly kissing her, I knew everything would be alright. A hoarse female voice called out Roses name. Rose, Jackie and I all followed her back into a small room.

"Alright." the nurse said. "This is a very simple exam. We are going to pull up your shirt and squirt some gel on your abdomen. Now will you want to know the sex of your baby?"

Looking at Rose, I nodded to her, letting her know it was up to her. "Yes please." Rose said quietly.

The nurse walked out just as the doctor walked in and quietly got to work. He looked at Rose and I with a frown. An immediate wave of fear swam over me. "What is it. Is our baby ok?" Rose asked franticly.

"Not baby," the doctor said. "Babies. You are having twins."

                                                           Roses Point of View

Oh my god. Twins? As in two born on the same day in the same hour? I looked at the doctor and saw that he was as pale as I am.

"I want to know their genders/" I demanded. Just because there was two didn't mean I had to be oblivious to their genders.

"Of course" the doctor said. Squinting at the screen, the doctor smiled. "It looks as though you are having a boy and a girl."

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