Mr. & Mrs. Doctor Who

This is a story after the Doctor and Rose are married. Walk with them in their lives and witness their love for one another and the hardships of to much love.



Chapter 6


Roses Point of View

3 weeks later

It has been 3 weeks since I was held and tortured. The doctor did not see most of the worst things that they did to me. There was men who were very handsy. I was so violated and disgusted. I am to scared to tell the doctor. He would be furious and go hurt someone or himself. Sadly, not being able to talk to someone about these things have only increased nightmares. It is so hard, laying there in my bed alone at night, listening to the doctors breathing in the next room over, and hearing it as one of my assailants.

Laying in bed now, I could hear him breathing slowly. I closed my eyes and rolled over. Through my closed eyelids, I could see their faces, laughing, taunting, touching me. I opened my eyes. They were there, walking towards me. They looked so real, like I could reach out and touch them...

Screaming, I jumped out of bed and ran into my closet. I heard footsteps rapidly approaching, which made me burrow deeper into my closet. The door swung open and the doctor rushed in.

"Rose! Rose, where are you?!"

He walked in with a frantic look in his eyes, sonic screwdriver in hands. Looking at the cracked closet door, he slowly walked over to it with his palms up.

"Rose, are you in there. You can come out now, it was just a nightmare. I'm here. Nothing will hurt you, not while I am around."

He slowly opened the door, and saw me curled in a ball pushed in a corner. His look crushed me, the look of pain, and sorrow in his eyes made it seem like he went through what I did instead of me. I snapped out of my train of thought when the doctor slowly inched towards me. He stopped immediately. "Rose please let me help you." The look in my eyes must have said ok because all of the sudden he was picking me up and cradling me to his chest. Carrying me over to my bed, he set me down and laid down beside me, My heart began to race at what I knew was coming.

                                      The Doctors Point of View

Laying down beside her was electrifying. Her body fit perfectly against mine. I loved her so much, and for some strange reason, I loved that I was her comfort during what must be awful nightmares. Kissing her forehead, her neck, her collarbone, her shoulder, and eventually her lips made me feel so close to her. closer to her than ever before. I could feel my eyes go from a look of a sweet and gentle love to a look of dark, passionate lust. She looked at me and her eyes said the exact same thing. Slowly rolling on top of her, I kissed her harder and harder. Trying to get closer to her even though I was close, like I could never get close enough no matter how hard I tried. The sound of clothes ripping came from beneath me, and suddenly her shirt was off, then my own, until we were on top of each other with nothing but our bear skin separating us. We continued into our blissful night of love making.



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