My life as a Witch: Book 3

*Complete* Clarissa and her friends are back. The killer is caught this year and the school takes a huge change. For the better? Or for the worse? Find out in this thrilling tale!


12. Why Lumos?

"Lumos Academy is getting a makeover!" Sonara said. We were all confused. So she explained. "Every year a school gets a makeover. The Headmaster or Headmistress can choose to except it, or deny it. I have chosen to except it. While you are away for the summer the makeover will happen. I know that your first years are just now finding your way around. But trust me, it'll be alright." A few first years trembled. There was a large storm raging outside. The wind was howling, the rain was pouring, and everything was chaos. Inside we were all calm. Kinda, a few kids were trying to find their siblings or friends to comfort them. I had a younger cousin there. No, not the Potters. A different family, my dads brother. Casey was the youngest. She was in her first year. Alicia was in her fifth year, Rosie was in her sixth year, and Laura was in her eighth year. Marcus was in his second year and Benet was in his third year. They were all in the Rainfall house together. Casey came straight to me. She didn't even go to her siblings. 

Casey was sitting beside me and I was stroking her hair. Her long brown hair with blonde streaks. All natural. For some reason, she liked me more than her siblings. I was more a sister to her than Alicia, Rosie, and Laura. She didn't trust anyone but me. 

"I know, the end of the third term is months away, but I just wanted to tell you this now," Sonara said. "I have a few words for you. I take from Albus Dumbledore when I saw, nitwit! Oddment! Blubber! Tweak!" She sat down. And food appeared. Casey went back to her own table and sat between Benet and Marcus. 

We ate, then went back to our dorms. "Talia Willis, Madison Harris, and Clarissa Lamond. Please stay after the feast. I must talk with you," Sonara said. 


"Talia, Madison, Clarissa, I have to talk to you. It's concerning the storm. I would feel safer if you slept in the Common Room. Your dorms are very high in the tower and the bricks are old and may break with this wind." We nodded and went to get our things from our dorm. Sydney, Bailey, and Ally were in the same hallway, but their room was lower than ours. It was down some stairs. Make that a whole flight of stairs. 


I grabbed a blanket and a pillow and found a comfy couch. There were four couches and someone was on the last couch. "Who's that?" A head popped up. A redhead. Max. "What?" He asked. "What are you doing here Max?" "Ben kicked me out of the dorm." "What!? Ben did!?" "Yes." 

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