My life as a Witch: Book 3

*Complete* Clarissa and her friends are back. The killer is caught this year and the school takes a huge change. For the better? Or for the worse? Find out in this thrilling tale!


3. The Second Practice

The second practice was that Thursday. It wasn't that bad. We were just starting on our songs. We sung Last Goodbye, Titanium, and Party in the USA. Just because Holly loves that song. Cara and Sadie were the ones that choreographed the songs. All of the others- Audrey, Alyssa, Holly, Mara, Josie, and I- were supposed to be learning the songs. There were 8 of us total. The minimum number is 9. We had to find another singer. "Lizzy! Who's all in your dorm?" Holly asked. "Just me, Talia, and Madison." "Are they any good singers?" "No." "Audrey?" "Mara, Josie, Lola, and me." "Alyssa! Help me!" Holly pleaded. "It's just Lucia, Tonya, Soni, Jessica, Ellie, and I." "How good are they?" "Soni is amazing, Lucia and Tonya are okay. Jessica and Ellie are awful." "Go find Soni!" Alyssa ran off to find her roommate and we kept on talking until they came back. Soni had long dark brown hair, light skin, and black eyes. I looked at her and then looked at Josie. They were practically twins! Then I noticed Mara. I just realized that she had dark skin. Dark skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. 


"We are done!" Cara said, after the fourth practice. "We have choreographed Last Goodbye. That's all we've done. We're still working," Sadie said. Just then Lola came  in. "Hey! Where's Soni?" she asked. "Right here. Why?" Alyssa said. "Oh. Well... We kinda need her for Half Staff..." "How many do you have?" I asked. "14. But we want 15." "We have 9 right now! That's the minimum!" Holly yelled. We backed off and Holly and Lola had a yelling match. 

After an hour of that going on I got sick of it! "THAT'S ENOUGH!!!!!!" I yelled. They stopped and looked at me. "Soni, where do you want to go?" I asked her. She pointed at Lola. "Oh no," I groaned. "Thank you Soni. Let's go!" Lola said. They left and we realized that if we didn't have 9, we couldn't compete. Ema walked in through the large metal doors. "How can I help you?" Holly asked. "I'm sorry I'm late! I kept forgetting about the practices!" she cried. "What are you talking about?" Holly asked, holding her head. Ema held out the noted. She was a Muse. "You! You're our ninth muse!" Holly squealed. "Ouch," she muttered. I walked off to get her some water. Madame Daisy fixed my leg after I broke it. Somehow I broke it. I still have no idea. 

Somehow Ema already knew the songs and dances. We still put her with our dance team, Sadie and Cara. "Instead of doing a twirl right there how about we do a twist, in then out?" Ema suggested. "Yeah! That's a great idea!" Cara said. "But that messes up the flip with Lizzy, Holly, and Alyssa right after it. If they don't have enough time to lift Lizzy, they'll drop her," Sadie said. "Wait, what!?" I asked, when I heard my voice. "You get lifted up by Holly and Lizzy-" "I am Lizzy." "Oh yeah. You get lifted by Holly and Alyssa. Sorry 'bout that." "It's fine." She saw me shaking. "What's up?" "I did this once with my dance troupe at home. When they lifted me they forgot to bounce me up so I could flip... And I fell and injured my collarbone," I said quietly. "Oh... I didn't know that..." "No one does. No one but you girls." I paused and thought. "We could lift Ema," I suggested. "No," she said flatly. "I did the same thing in cheerleading and I almost killed myself. I landed on my back wrong and almost broke my spinal cord." "Ooh, that sounds bad," Holly said wincing. Everyone was over here now. "You have to trust them Lizzy. If you don't it won't be any fun!" Cara said. "I guess you're right. But still! I almost died!" "No. almost died," Ema said. I looked at her and walked off. I had to get some water to clear my head.


"1. 2. 3," Holly said quietly. "I saw the light, fade from the sky," I sung. "On the wind I heard a sigh," Cara sang. "As the snowflakes cover my- fallen brothers! I will say this last goodbye," Ema sang. We were starting dress rehersals. Our first competition was in a week. Thorn, Emma, and Jason left the previous week, but they'd be coming back to check our progress. We sang our hearts out and Audrey managed to tear her uniform. Huh, I wonder how she did that...  

"With feeling Lizzy! Feeling!" Holly yelled. "It's not me!" I said. "You're the youngest here at 14 or 15. I don't know-" "14." "Okay! You're still the youngest!" "I know. I am singing with feeling! It's Josie! Or Mara." "Mara! I expect more from you! Josie... You're out," Holly said quietly. "Was that really necessary?" I asked. "Yes. Bea said she'd be here soon." "Who?" "My sister. I don't want her here, but she's amazing and we need her." "Okay! Let's start." "No! We must wait." Cara muttered something inaudible and she walked off.


"Bea! You're late!" Holly scolded. "I know. I'm sorry. Lola was trying to convince me to join Half Staff. Not as good as The Muses." We hadn't been called our name in a while.

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