My life as a Witch: Book 3

*Complete* Clarissa and her friends are back. The killer is caught this year and the school takes a huge change. For the better? Or for the worse? Find out in this thrilling tale!


18. The Report


"After the renovation of the castle is done, I will resign. I have noted the deaths of the two headmistresses before me, and I will step down before I die." 

My friends and I were walking after her pointless speech, we were going to our Common Room. Madi was the first to speak. "That sucked," she said. We all agreed. 


"Hey! Clarissa!" Tanner called. I hadn't spoken to him lately. "What?" I asked. "Come 'ere!" He said. I sighed and walked to him. "What do you want?" I asked.

He looked at me and said, "You're eyes are very blue." I groaned and walked away. "That's it?" I called behind me. "Yes!" 

"What was that about?" Madi asked in the dorm that night. "Tanner being an idiot again," I replied.

"Of course he is," Madi responded.


Authors Note

Hey guys! Sorry the chapter is SO short. 

If you didn't hear already, I'm going to be gone from June 28 till July 3. Just so you know. 

Okay, bye!!!
Love, Moonwish


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