My life as a Witch: Book 3

*Complete* Clarissa and her friends are back. The killer is caught this year and the school takes a huge change. For the better? Or for the worse? Find out in this thrilling tale!


17. The New Headmistress

Professor Sonara was tragically (not) killed, and we have a new headmistress. Sonara was killed by... Let's just say the killing curse. 

Our new headmistress, Headmistress Nell, decided on some other changes. We weren't going with the languages and the Greek stuff, but something more... simple.

The old castle would be repaired and a few changes would be made. Since the names of the founders of Lumos Academy were lost to time, people changed them over the years. But Nell did some digging and found who they really were.

Marisa Owl was the founder of Owl (that's the House name) or, as we know it, Dawnlight.

Rainy Wolf was the founder of Wolf or, as we know it, Rainfall.

Jason Bear was the founder of Bear or, as we know it, Shadowsky.

Devin Collie was the founder of Collie or, as we know it, Sundrop. 

How she found this, I'll never know! We had our Houses. Owl, Fox, Bear, and Collie. The colors of the houses were tricky, but we figured it out.

Owl was light blue and gold. Fox was copper orange and white. Wolf was silver and black. Collie was mahogany and grey. We tried to find colors that went with the animal. light blue and gold are the colors of owls' eyes. Fox's can be copper orange and white. Wolves are silver or grey and black. And Collies can be mahogany brown and grey.


There would only be 7 years of schooling, because no one wants to be in school for 9 years. (A/N and I don't have enough time to write 9 books) 

The Common Rooms would be changed to fit the colors and students, and the old hat would be replaced by a Sorting Cape. Kinda like the Sorting Cloak at Beauxbaton, but this one is a little simpler. And the Dining Pavilion will be changed to the Main Hall.


"STUDENTS, PLEASE REPORT TO THE DINING PAVILION, NOW," Professor Nell's voice called through the school. 

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