My life as a Witch: Book 3

*Complete* Clarissa and her friends are back. The killer is caught this year and the school takes a huge change. For the better? Or for the worse? Find out in this thrilling tale!


1. The Muses

Dear Miss Clarissa Lamond, 

        You have been accepted to join the acapella group, The Muses. Please join us for our first session tonight at 7:00.

Coach Thorn Holiday


I squealed and grabbed a new tee shirt I bought from home. I had just arrived at Lumos for the year and I found this letter on my bed. I knew that Thorn Holiday had graduated, but Headmistress Sonara let the group leaders stay for a week so they could get their group started and hand over the leadership position to someone in their 9th year. I changed into my new black skirt and a new purple top. I put on my favorite black ballet flats and rushed out the door. I forgot about my hair and came back in. It was only 5, so I had time. I curled my hair and did my makeup so I looked nice. 


I arrived at the auditorium at 6:58, with two minutes to spare. Everyone was already there and they were waiting for me and someone else. That someone else was two other people. Max and Tanner. They had been accepted into Basscleff and I wasn't too happy about that. But I pushed it out of my mind and walked over to where my group, The Muses, was warming up. "Clarissa! Oh good, you're here!" Thorn said smiling. I smiled back at her and we laughed. "Who's the new team captain?" Audrey asked. "Well... I'm not sure yet. I'm thinking about Holly or Amanda, but I don't know." She looked over at Amanda who was yelling at Lisa to get the song right. "It's not 'fire away, fire away.' It's 'fire away! fire away!'" Amanda screamed. "It's Holly," Thorn said bluntly. Holly was walking over and didn't hear Thorn say what she did. "Hey guys!" she greeted. She was in jean capris and a green top that brought out her stunning green eyes and black hair. "Hey Holly," I said to her. She was about 21, a 9th year. You turned of age when you were 21. Yes, it's a bit old, we know. But Americans and magic... They go wild... So they stay in Lumos or an American school of magic until they're 21. "I'm Holly Weiss, and you are?" "Clarissa Lamond," I said. She shook my hand, "Nice to meet you Clarissa. Can I call you Lizzy?" "Yes." From that day on, I was Lizzy to The Muses. 


"Welcome to the semifinals of the tryouts for the acapella groups!" Thorn said, smiling at everyone. It is a joy to be here,  even though I have graduated, it's good to be back. Jason feels the same way, don't you Jason. And Emma too." Emma Smith was the old captain of Half Staff. The new captain is Lola Jones. Everyone loves Lola, she's like your best friend. "Let the semifinals BEGIN!!!!" Emma shouted. "Alyssa Black! You're first!" Jason said. She walked up to the stage. She was about 18 or 19 with long blonde hair. I looked at my short choppy hair, hideous. Her blue eyes shone like jewels. I saw mine through my compact mirror. Dull and blue-grey. Again, hideous. No wonder they didn't like me. Alyssa was trying out for The Muses. When she started to sing I thought I was going to cry. It was so beautiful! I knew I wouldn't get it! "Lexie Johnson?" Emma called. The girl called Lexie walked up to the stage and started. I almost cried to. Of horror. Now I knew I'd get in. "Uh... Clarissa Lamond," Thorn called. I heard some boys snicker. No other than Tanner and Max, I saw. I rolled my eyes and straightened my skirt as I walked up. I started and was cut off. "That's enough Lizzy. We have to have time for the others," Jason said. I glared at him and walked off the stage. I had gotten about three lines of the song in before he cut me off. 

As I walked to my seat I saw a piece of paper in front of Jason with times and names.

Lexie: 9 min.

Alyssa: 28 min.

Clarissa: 39 sec.

Max: 19 min.

Tanner: 14 min.

Josie: 58 sec.

Mara: 12 min.


That's what some of it said. It was typed, so I couldn't tell who wrote it. I guessed Tanner and Max, but I wasn't sure. As it said, Max was after me. He got 19 minutes. Then Tanner, who had 14 minutes. And then Josie who had 58 seconds, and after her Mara. Who had 12 minutes. After a while I got sick of it! So I went over to Jason, silently and took the sheet from him, who was watching Amy Jones intently. I walked up to the stage after Amy preformed and took the mic from her. "Hello my fellow students. Someone in this room wrote this." I showed the paper and a gasp came over the crowd. I heard a snicker from the guys side. "Who snickered!" I shouted. They all pointed to the obvious duo. Tanner and Max. The walked up to the stage and took the mic. "It's only fare that the best have the longest," Tanner said. "What!" I cried. "Yeah. It's obvious that you're the worst one here," he shot at me. "Ugh!" I squealed. "It's true," Max said. I looked at him and walked off, trying to keep my cool. 
I walked out into the cold night air and found Thorn chasing me. "Woah. That was some pretty nasty stuff up there," she said. "Yeah," I agreed. "Come on, I'll take you up to my dorm where you can calm down," she said. I let her lead me. I was a wreck. 

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