My life as a Witch: Book 3

*Complete* Clarissa and her friends are back. The killer is caught this year and the school takes a huge change. For the better? Or for the worse? Find out in this thrilling tale!


9. Talia - Beauxbaton

"Willis, Talia!" A woman called. I walked up to the stage and the sorting cloak was placed on me. "Cossu! No! Rouerie! Cossu! Rouerie! ROUERIE!!!" it called. It had trouble placing me, but I didn't mind. "COSSU!!!!!!!" It finally called. It didn't say anything after that. I walked over to the table of cheering people. I sat down and smiled. "Wu, Li!" the same woman called. "Sournois!" the cloak said. There were only three houses here, but I didn't mind. Nothing really bothered me. I was just happy to be in France!!! I had always wanted to go here, and now was my chance! "Now that the sorting is over," the headmistress began. "Headmistress May! Wait! We have one more," someone said from the doors. We all looked back to see none other than my roommate, Clarissa Lamond. How did she get here?! "Lamond, Clarissa!" "Cossu!" the cloak said. She walked over and sat beside me. "Hi," She said. "Hey! I didn't know you were coming!" I was really happy she was here with me. "I didn't either. They didn't let me go to Hogwarts, so they apperated me here." "Cool!" 

We were in the same dorm too! The girls in our dorm were really nice. Abella, Camile, Jacqueline, Madolen, and Searle. They accepted us and we were really good friends! I don't know how Lissa felt, but she looked okay. "I am Abella Jackie. Zat is Camile Raylen, Jacqueline Claire is over there, zat's Madolen Reba, and zat's Searle Paris. She was named after our capital!" Abella said. She was an upbeat character. "I'm Talia Elise, and that's Clarissa Jacqueline." We only told each other our first and middle name.


Classes were amazing!!!! I loved it! Our house was the artistic and talented house. So I got to paint and play my clarinet everyday. I wish I could stay here forever! But I had to go. Sadly. I didn't want that month to end! Clarissa had gotten very far in her sewing. She had made two Beauxbaton uniforms! (For herself and I of course) They looked just as good as the ones that they bought. She even made each one of them a pillow, but she sewed it. And she put their name on it, so they all matched! But not really. She made them all the same size and I painted them each a picture of the castle at Lumos, so they knew where we went to school. I had it etched into my head from memory.




It was a tearful goodbye. I didn't want to go, but I promised them I'd be back next year for the exchange. For classes we had to speak french, so I was speaking french for a month and I almost forgot English! It's hard to remember when you always speak one language for a month.

I hope Madi had a good time in Durmstrang. I told her to come to Beauxbaton with me, but she insisted that she go to Durmstrang.  

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