My life as a Witch: Book 3

*Complete* Clarissa and her friends are back. The killer is caught this year and the school takes a huge change. For the better? Or for the worse? Find out in this thrilling tale!


13. Sleeping in the Common Room

"Well... I guess this is an all-nighter now," Max said. "I need my beauty sleep!" I said. "Yeah, you need a lot of it," Madi joked. I pretended to be offended, but I really wasn't. "Well, if we're going to stay up all night we need stuff to do," Talia said. Thunder cracked and lightning flashed. The room shook. A shape trembled in the corner. I could see the shape in the dim light. 

The fire roared, but it cast a dim glow on the room.

The shape moved again. I got up to see what it was. "Don't get out of bed Clarissa!" Talia hissed. I ignored her and kept moving toward it. I was wearing my short, blue, Nike gym-shorts and my black tank-top that had graffiti on it that read DANCE. I don't do dace, but it's a cool tank-top.

The shape moved once more. It came out of the corner and sat in front of the fire. It was a small girl, she looked like a first year. A small first year. "I'm Clarissa Lamond, who're you?" I asked quietly. "Remy," the girl said, "Remy Lou." She looked scared, the storm I guessed.

"I'm afraid of the storm. My family was killed in a storm like this," Remy said. "I was the only one who escaped the fire," she said. I could tell she was shaking. "It's okay, you won't get hurt here," I said. 
"I have a brother, Rex. He's here too," She said. 

I saw a second shape in the corner. Her brother. "He's a few years younger than me, but I had to bring him," she said. "I have a sister here too," she continued. "Lexis. She's a second year. I would be getting my letter next year, but I had to come here. I couldn't let her go without us. They might come find us," Remy said. She trembled and ran off. Her brother followed her. 


"What was that about?" Talia asked. "That was a scared little girl," I replied. "Come on, let's get some sleep," Madison said. "No," said Max. "What?" Talia asked. "No. I'm not going to sleep. We will stay awake all night." "But what about classes?" Talia asked.

"There are no classes, T. Sonara canceled them," Madi replied. "Oh." We laughed her. She was always looking forward to classes. I was too, but I didn't like them as much as she did. I liked all my classes, but I loved Charms and Transfiguration. I hated Divination. Pointless subject that is. 


"Well, how about a good old game of Truth or Dare?" Madi suggested. We all nodded and Madi set the rules. Nothing inappropriate, that was our one rule. 

The couches (or sofas) were in a square/circle shape. Madi and Talia were sitting upright on theirs, I was stretched out on mine, and Max was laying down on his. Madi started. "Talia, truth or dare?" "Dare," she said. "I dare you to not go to the library for a week." Madi smiled smugly. Talia screamed something that was lost in the thunder. "Max, truth or dare?" Talia asked. "Dare," he said. "I dare you to... go get Bri from her dorm," Madi dared. He got up and asked, "Where's the Shadowsky passage?" I got up and showed him. 

Bri asked, "Why did you have to wake me up?" " Because,  Talia dared Max to go get you and play Truth or Dare with us in our common room." "Oh." I was freezing! Those shorts weren't for warmth, that's for sure. 

"Good, you're back," Talia said. "Clarissa, truth or dare?" Max asked. "Uh... dare?" "I dare you to go into my dorm and grab my extra blanket off my bed," he said. I rolled my eyes and went in. 

I threw the blanket on him. "There. Happy now?" "Yes. Warm too." "Bri, truth or dare?" "Truth." "Would you rather die or be moved to a different House?" "Moved to a different House," she said. I admit, it was a stupid truth, but I had nothing else! We kept on playing for a long time. 

We saw it was sun-rise and Briana sprinted back to her dorm. 

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