My life as a Witch: Book 3

*Complete* Clarissa and her friends are back. The killer is caught this year and the school takes a huge change. For the better? Or for the worse? Find out in this thrilling tale!


20. Just a Dream

I woke up a moment after he said, "Your hair smells like coconuts." I started cry. "It was just a dream," I sobbed. So Merik was really dead. I had forgotten about him when I met Max and Tanner. 

"What's up?" Talia asked me. "Merik," I sobbed. She knew exactly what I meant. 

She crawled over to my bed and sat with me. "It's okay," She said, brushing my hair. It had gotten frizzy while I slept. 

"You don't know what it's like," I said between hiccups. "Your right, I don't. But I know someone who does," She said. "Who?" I asked.

"Are you willing to be seen in your pjs?" Talia asked. I nodded, these were my good pjs, A pair of blue gym shorts and a black tanktop with graffiti writing that said "Dance" I didn't do dance, but it looked cool.


Talia led me down to the Common Room and I saw someone sitting there. "Who is it Tal?" I asked. "The only one you see sitting here," she said.

He was sitting at the same table I tried to study at when we first met. The memories came flooding back. 

That night

Clarissa walked into the Common Room, from her dorm. She had a History of Magic book with her. 

She saw a table and walked down. Her new friend, Max, was sitting on a couch with his friends.

He saw her and followed her to the table. They sat down and she muttered, "I guess there's no hope of studying now." 

They started talking about The Chronicles of Narnia. "I'm Tanner, that's Tyler, and this is Ben," the one with long brown hair said. "I'm Clarissa," She said. 

How did Max know how I feel?" I asked Talia. "Just go over to him and sit down," she said. It was 3 in the morning, so no one was up. 

"Hey," I said to him. 

"Hey." I sat across from him, like I did that very first night. 

I smiled a little bit and brushed back my bangs that got in my eyes, and he grinned back. 

We started talking about The Chronicles of Narnia, like we did that first night.


Finally Max murmured, "I know about Merik." I gasped. "Melanie was killed in that same fire," Max said. I had forgotten that Merik had a twin named Melanie. 

He explained how they met, and how he had met me. 
"Remember that weekend that we were at the Jones' house?" Max asked me. I laughed, "Yeah, I remember. You saw me when coming out of Merik's room and peeked into Melanie's room where we were sleeping. I woke up and looked you straight in the eyes and said, "Go. Away."" It was funny how we had met before, but had not known that we would become best friends. 


But not two weeks after that, the Jones' house had caught fire and had killed the entire family. 

"When death comes to those we love
It is not the thing of the academic funeral
But force which rips and tears the soul
Requires the ointment of time to heal 
So profound are its wounds. 

I said, quoting Bill Grace. 

"So true," Max agreed. 


We talked for awhile longer, and it reminded us, that we wouldn't see each other for the entire summer. I lived in Hebron, Connecticut. Max lived in Westbrook, Maine. We wouldn't see each other at all.

Then I remember that Max had a sister, she was 3 years older than him, but my parents didn't know that.

We worked it out, so my parents thought I'd be staying with Kaylin, which I would be, but I'd be hanging out with Max the whole time. 

It was 3 hours and 16 minutes between our cities. I would stay with Talia for two weeks, then the second week Tanner would get there. 

Madi and her family were going to Hawaii,  again. Talia's cousins lived in Falmouth, so when we got there, she and I would stay there and we would all meet up every day. It was perfect!

Oddly enough, my parents agreed full heartedly.

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