My life as a Witch: Book 3

*Complete* Clarissa and her friends are back. The killer is caught this year and the school takes a huge change. For the better? Or for the worse? Find out in this thrilling tale!


21. Headed Home

We had to get up at 10 the next morning to leave at 2. They let us sleep  in like always, thankfully. 

There was talk about getting us up at 7 and leaving at 10. 

No one liked that, so they just let us sleep. 



I woke up at 8, like I always did. 

I took a long shower, knowing I had lots of time and hot water. 25 minutes of hot water pouring on me until I heard banging on the door. 

"Hurry up, Lissa!" Madi groaned. 

"I will!" I said back to her. 

I let the water wash through my hair again, to get out the conditioner, and I shut of the steaming water. The mirror was steamed and had was I couldn't see my reflection in it. I laughed to myself and grabbed my hair towel. After that I turned on the fan, to move the air around.

"10 minutes, Lis!" Madi said, walking away from the door.     I wrapped up my hair and grabbed my second towel, to dry myself with.


Once I dried off, I got dressed. I had a simple black skirt, like I always wore, and my white shirt. I waited to put on my coat 'till I got out of the bathroom. Besides, it was on my bed. 


I grabbed my makeup bag from the cupboard and started applying it. 

The black eyeliner, the black mascara, and and the silver eye-shadow. 

Most of the girls used a dark blue eyeliner and mascara, or they used the colors of their House. But I kept it simple, and black. It looked good too.


"Come on, Lissa!" Madi pounded on the door again. 

"I'm coming!" I grabbed the bag and towels, and left the bathroom. 

I quickly braided my hair and left it that way. Before I braided it, I combed it out, of course. 

"Finally!" Madi said. I didn't realize that it was already 8:30. Talia was still asleep. She'd sleep until noon if we let her. 

"Did you leave any hot water for me?" Madi joked. "Probably not," I joked back. She knew that if I let her shower for more than 30  minutes she would be steaming. 

Her skin would steam and she'd've heated her core temperature. Heating your core temperature is dangerous, and when you heat it, you have to cool it slowly, otherwise you cool your core temperature. It takes awhile to get right, and we didn't have that much time. 


Talia was awake when I got out my wand to do a Scouring Charm, to get the water out of the towel.

"Scourgify!" I said. The water came out of the towels and was completely dry. 

"Morning sleeping beauty," I said to Talia. She yawned and stretched in the morning light. "Morning to you to," she said. 

I took out the braid and gave up on it. The Scouring Charm to dry my hair and it was still wavy. It couldn't get curly, it was just wavy. Talia's hair was dead straight, and Madi had to straighten hers, otherwise her mother wouldn't be happy.


I put my things in my trunk and my extra bag and found my coat. It would be the last time I wore the uniform. The dark blue blazer fit perfectly. The socks would need to be replaced, and soon would be, and so would my shoes. From the dark blue ballet flats, to black ballet flats. 5th year and up had high heels, they looked good though.


"You better hurry Madison," Talia said. I nodded and pounded on the door. "HURRY UP!!!" I yelled. I didn't hear a reply, so I went in. 

We agreed that when we didn't hear a reply, we'd go in to make sure they were okay. The water was off and Madi was on the floor. She was soaked with a towel covering her. 
"TALIA!!!!" I screamed. I screamed in terror. She looked like she was knocked out, but I didn't know.

Luckily, Talia knew basic medicine. "She's just asleep," she confirmed, after taking her pulse. "Should I wake her up?" I asked. Talia nodded, and I shook her away. She didn't wake up. "Talia, did she heat-" "Her core temperature? Yes," Talia confirmed. 

I grabbed a bucket and filled it with icy water. "Talia, get a Scouring Charm ready," I said. She nodded and took out her wand. 

I poured the bucket on her and Talia did the spell. Madi spit out water and shouted, "YOU COULDN'T USED THE AIR-HORN!?!?!?!?!" I forgot about my air-horn. Huh... 



Talia took a quick 10 minute shower (That's long for her) (A/N I have no idea if that's long for her), and got dressed.

We were done first, so we went into the Common. 

We saw a few people, Verity and Elizabeth were awake, so we hung out with them. The two sisters had moved here from England, so they had their accent.

"Morning!" Elizabeth said. "Hullo girls!" Verity greeted us. Verity and Elizabeth were in their 8th year. (A/N Remember, Lumos has 9 years, and goes from age 12 to 21.) They were 20. Just think, a 14 year-old talking to a 20 year-old. So much could go wrong. 


"Today is your last day of school!" Headmistress Nell said. "For our years 7, 8, and 9 we say goodbye. But next year we will be welcoming two years of students." Most people were confused - but a few, like myself, didn't really care. 

"Next year, we have our Houses. They will be Owl, representing Dawnlight. Collie, representing Sundrop. Wolf, representing Rainfall. And Fox, representing Shadowsky."
Nell explained a few more things, and I listened intently.

(A/N BTW, this is at Lunch)

"You have two hours left at school, make it count." Nell smiled and let us go. We had eaten and I set out to my favorite Willow and Maple tree mix. I had my guitar with me, and a few people gathered around to listen. 

I sung/played one of my favorite songs, Light the Fire. Max was sitting beside me and took my acoustic guitar from me, and started playing. "I didn't know you could play," I said to Max. "You learn something new everyday!" He joked. I laughed and we started.

I stand to praise you, but I fall on my knees

Your spirit lives within me, but my flesh is so weak!

So light the fire (light the fire)

In my (in my weary soul) weary soul

Fan the flame (fan the flame)

Make me whole (make my spirit whole)

Lord you know (Lord you know)

Just where I've where I've been (where I've been)

So light the fire in my heart again 

(A/N When it's in ( ) marks, it's the girls part)

"That was awesome!" Someone said. Max handed me back my guitar and I started playing again. I just started strumming, and humming. 


"Come on, Clarissa, we should go," Madi said. She was sitting across from me. I stood up and put the guitar and music in the case. 

I stood back up and picked up my case. 




The train ride was really funny. We were all sitting together and talking about random stuff. At one point we were just cracking jokes. 


When we got off, my parents were waiting for me. So were my brothers. And, oddly enough, my cousins too. Lily, Albus, and James.

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