Dark Woods Circus

"They say that at night, if you go towards the woods, someone- no something takes you. They take you. They take you..."

Today a news about a circus has come to my ear. They say that that circus is different. No clowns, no acts,- nothing normal. It's a deformity circus. Most say that the circus picked them up off the streets. Others say that they were torchered. All I know is that lately, a few kids off my street have gone missing...


1. The Circus in Town

          "Here, please take one." Is all we hear at the market place. There are two people there, handing out flyers. Mom was paying for the tomatoes, so I went up and got one. 

     "Dark Woods Circus..." I said to myself, that what the flyer had read anyways. Sounded, well, eerie... I folded the flyer and but it inside my shoe, for I had no pockets at the moments. While I was walking towards Mom, I heard her and the Mrs.Shion talking.

     "Yes Miss. I know. I-I just don't where she is! It's been three days... I also heard that the Kagimine twins are missing too... and so is Miss Hatsune's  child... Dear, I'm pretty sure that there are some kidnappers out there! They might go for your's next..." Mrs.Shion trailed off her conversation when she saw me watching. It was getting dark, almost 7:00... It's summer, so It won't get dark as early, but still...



          "Now Meiko, you must not go out tonight. You must stay in your room and not leave your room till morning. Not even for the bathroom. Do you understand?" My Mother had asked. She had a tinge of worriedness in her voice.

     "Th-the Kagamine twins..." I trailed off horrified. They looked just like th-the thing on the flyer! They went missing three days ago... Three days ago the Kagamine twins disappeared... The-th-the thing on the flyer! No. Now that's no it. It's just my imagination. The Kagamine twins have nothing to do with this photo of a weird, person like thing... No, two person like thing? It was a body, but with an extra head on it... I'm crazy. The children that have gone missing have nothing to do with this. Heck, Mrs.Shion's kid is already 15! And Miku is 14, and the Kagamine twins 12. I doubt that they went there without a fight! At least I think they didn't go there...

     Mother went to bed shortly after I was in my room. I couldn't help it. I needed to find out. What if they really were kidnapped by this 'Dark Woods Circus'? Then they would need my help... Wouldn't they? I did exactly as my Mother told me not to, and I never thought that it would come to the point where I would rely on anyone to get out of the mess I was trapped in.










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