Dark Woods Circus

"They say that at night, if you go towards the woods, someone- no something takes you. They take you. They take you..."

Today a news about a circus has come to my ear. They say that that circus is different. No clowns, no acts,- nothing normal. It's a deformity circus. Most say that the circus picked them up off the streets. Others say that they were torchered. All I know is that lately, a few kids off my street have gone missing...


2. Into the Woods

          As soon as the got out of the house, I went straight to the place the circus was being held,- deep inside the woods. I brought nothing along with me but the flyer that was passed out to me earlier today. I regret that. I should've brought something more with me. Anything more.


          It was dark already when I had left the house, but it was even darker now. It scared me a little, but I went on. My curiosity had taken over. I just had to see this deformity circus.

          While I was walking I kept on getting the feeling that I was being watched. It was an odd feeling. I could've sworn that I had heard a voice whisper every while or so, but I was scared so I made up my mind that it wasn't real. Even though I had told myself that it wasn't real, I had started walking faster. I guess that walking faster was a god thing. After I started scurrying across forest, I soon saw some bright lights. My pace had decreased and I slowly walked up to a big striped tent. 'This musts be where they display the deformed.' I had thought to myself. I continued wandering. I soon came up across not a tent, but a trailer. A plain gray trailer. I kept on walking.

          I soon came across some empty cages behind the tent. They were quite large and scary looking. One of the cages had an empty straight jacket inside. It gave me the chills. I kept on walking,- but this time just a tad bit faster. I didn't see anyone. I thought that I would've come across at least one person now, normal or deformed. The next cage I saw was extremely large. When I started walking closer to it, I noticed that there was something inside. It twitched a little. My head shot up and I had stopped walking. It was alive.

          I had wanted to go over and see, but I was a bit afraid. In the end, my curiosity had taken over. I slowly walked up, looking at the cage. Inside was a girl sitting on a small wooded stool. She was wearing a long pink dress so long it covered her feet. She had had two long twin tails colored aqua. She slightly moved her head. I stopped and took a deep breath.

          "He-hello?" Was all I could get out.

          "Who's there...?" She replied! I slowly walked towards the cage to where I could see her face. She had a pretty face, but there were some bandages wrapped around her face covering her right eye.

          "My name's Meiko." I was standing in front of the cage. He lifted up her head to see me and said nothing for a while.

          "Why are you here?" She was looking at me while talking now, not just looking at her hands folded on her lap.

          "T-to tell you the truth I'm not really sure." It's not that I didn't want to say why I was here, but the reason had changed several times already, I wasn't sure why anymore.

          "You come from out there?" She looked at me with curiosity. I simply smiled.


          "Ha-have they seen you yet?" She turned her head both ways as if she was expecting someone or something to come out of the shadows.

          "Who's 'they'?" I asked.

          "The Ringmaster and 'Her'. You know, little kids should be wandering here around night." Her voice wavered with the last sentence she spoke.

          "A-are you okay?" I had to ask. She was slightly shaking .

          "This place is evil. They are evil. This isn't a place that you should come to at night."

          "I th-thought this was simply a circus... what is this place?"

          "This is no circus. This place is so evil, no name could describe it. They don't take in poor deformed children to put them in their show. No, they abduct children and torture them. They chop off their legs, they take out their eyes, they do terrible things to everyone here." I started at her frightened now. If she was here, that meant that she was kidnapped. What did they do to her? They only thing wrong with her that I could see was a large bandage over her right eye.

          "If you don't mind me asking Miss, what did they do to you?"

          "First off, you can call me Miku. Second,-" She stood up from her wooden stool and lifted up her dress to where a pair of knees should've been. There where no knees. In fact, there was not even a pair of human legs. In place of legs, she had two horse's legs.

          "I-I'm sorry I asked."

          "There's no need to be sorry... But really, you shouldn't be here. They've already picked up a set of twins within the last week."

          "A-a pair of twins...?" I stared at her wide eyed,- stricken with horror. Twins. A week ago. The flyer. The Kagamine twins...

          "Yes, poor things. They have it worse than me. They were two when they came here, and now they're one..."

          "Who else is here...?"

          "A poor boy who's been here longer than me and craves the taste of flesh, a poor little girl from not long ago that is slowing rotting away, a girl to tall for life,- that now takes on the evil trade. It's been forever since I've been out on my own. They all must feel the same way. I was the third to get her, and I hope that I'm the first to escape. But now that I think about it, I may be the first to leave,- but in a different way..."

          "M-miss! I'll help you!" For the first time that night, I saw her eye water.

          "Thank you for all that you're trying to do, but that's near impossible. Besides, if they find you here...- you may become one of us. That would pain me more than having acid put to the eye."

          "Onne-San, I'm helping." She was now crying silently. I reached through the cage bars and held her hand. "I promise, somehow you'll be able to see the light again."













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