Dark Woods Circus

"They say that at night, if you go towards the woods, someone- no something takes you. They take you. They take you..."

Today a news about a circus has come to my ear. They say that that circus is different. No clowns, no acts,- nothing normal. It's a deformity circus. Most say that the circus picked them up off the streets. Others say that they were torchered. All I know is that lately, a few kids off my street have gone missing...


3. And It Begins

          Miku-Onne had told me that if I were to stay, that I should go and find a place to sleep. She told me to try and find a place that no one would find me, so I could go to sleep without worrying if I'd get caught or not. I found a small empty shed, and had stayed there for the night. Since I was a bit scared though, I didn't sleep to well. I had wondered if Mother was worried, but all that stopped when I heard some singing. It scared me. It was still very early, the sun barely up.

          I had slowly crept out of that shed, to hear two more voices join into the singing. Out of curiosity, I went out to find where the singing was coming from. I was walking, listening to their sweet voices, when I stopped suddenly. What if I got caught? What if they found out I was here. I couldn't be captured and taken apart and then put back together again. But their voices sounded so sweet, so pure. They surely couldn't belong to a pair of mad beings. I was walking in the direction of the cages. Perhaps the voices belonged to Miku-Onne and the others that were there with her?

          I walked up near where the cages were set. It looked awful in the light. The cages were large and old, and everyone looked worse than before. Miku-Onne, and both of the Kagamine twins were singing. They sang not in English, but some other language. It sounded like Japanese to me, but I wasn't sure. Miku-Onne was sitting on her stool, with her eye closed, singing a sweet melody with a visible passion. The twins were standing up, both holding the bars of the cage tightly in their hands, singing along with Miku-Onne. They seemed so sad, that I wanted to cry. I saw three other cages nearby. One had a kid with blue hair, around Miku-Onne's age, with a straight jacket on. In the other cage, there was a girl with two pink twin tails in the shape of drills with flowers of rot on her face.

          "kusatta mi  tokeru me ni  tadareta hada ga utsuru no shinitai yo shinitai yo  koko kara dashite kudasai "Sore wa muri na koto" to, dareka ga itteita kigasuru." They had sung the song in a voice as sweet as honey, I was transported to another world with their voice alone. But then a thought came to me. What were they singing about? I couldn't be anything good, could it? They were trapped in cages, treated badly,- why would they sing?

          I sat and listened to them sing. Then I saw a single tear fall down Miku-Onne's eye. She sang, "But I do not wish for life to be such a dreadful thing. I still long for the day when I'll be able to see light again. But a part of me wants to die, oh it wants to die, but a voice tells me it'll never happen." She hit the wrong note on the last word. She was crying. The twins looked at her with pity. Then their heads turned towards me. They shot up in alert, and pointed at me. "Who are you?" They had said. I jolted up and squeaked, "M-Meiko... I-I'm here to h-help..."

          "Meiko!" Miku-Onne had said with surprise visible in her voice. "I thought I told you to stay hidden. It's dangerous when the 'they' are up."

          "You know who she is?" Asked the left side of the monster, the boy Kagamine twin, Len. Miku nodded her head.

          "She might be the one to help us escape. I think we'll be able to leave this hell called 'Dark Woods Circus'."

          "How do you know? She seems kinda small to me." The right side of the monster tilted her head while speaking. She was the girl Kagamine twin, Rin I believe was her name.

          "As long we get out I don't care." Len had said stubbornly. I walked up to their cage, and stuck my hand in-between the bars. Len flinched, and Rin looked at me, confused. I smiled. Rin finally took my hand. She started crying.

          "Y-you're the little girl down the st-street..." I simply nodded.

         "I promise, I'll try my best to get you all out."

          "Some of us would be better off staying here." Said a deep voice. I turned around to see a blue headed boy round Miku-Onne's age slumped against the side of the cage.

          "But don't you want to escape too?" I had asked, completely confused.

          "But some of us are true monsters. You know us now, but you didn't know us before. You don't know how we lived before we came here, or what they did to us while we were still 'new'." He had his back turned towards me. I was walking towards his cage when he suddenly said with a loud booming voice, "You don't know my story, and you don't know me. I'm terrible. I'm worse than wore. Nightmares are afraid of me. There are only two people who are worse than me. You don't want to associate with people like me."

          "If you don't mind me asking, how did yo-"

          "It's morning!" Rin had exclaimed. Miku-Nee quickly smoothed out her skirt and sat perfectly still. The boy with the blue hair quickly whispered, "Kid, you better get out of here now!" I didn't know what was going on, but I sure didn't want to find out. I scurried to the shed,- that was the only hiding place I knew of. I looked back before I went into the shed, and I saw a long eerie looking shadow coming from where the cages were. I was trembling. How could a shadow reach to here? Was that frightening shadow one of 'them'? All I knew was that the shadow was slowly coming closer to where I was hiding.






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