Emotion in the Modern Era

For the competition. (Cover by @River_Summers)


1. Emotion in the Modern Era

Love doesn't mean anything anymore.
Love is a word that pre-pubescent adolescents 
throw away on their very first kiss. 
They take a crush, and they call it love, and no one
reprimands them or scolds them because no one
can see that there is any difference any more between
love and the half-hearted pretence at love -
the newfound infatuation with the very idea of
being enraptured by the very first person seeming
worthy enough to be enraptured by. 

And hate. Hate means nothing either. 
Hate is the feeling little children scream at their parents 
when they couldn't wear a leotard to school in December.
Hate is when people take a notion, 
a preconception, a misconception of what an
emotion should feel like and they take the worst 
feeling they are feeling and they label it hate 
and they proclaim hate on their 'haters' and
they forget that they are 'haters' themselves when
they laugh at the real hate they dole people out on dinner plates. 

Jealousy? Jealousy has been eclipsed. 
Jealousy has been eclipsed by the lack-lustre attempt
at jealousy that ten-year old girls have for their friends.
Jealousy now is what people feel when they 
realise that they don't have enough money, or fame,
or friends to truly feel good about themselves even though 
these things are entirely human constructions
and seeing as no one on this planet has yet to do a
shit to affect the universe anyway, the universe should be 
jealous of us for having such care-free lives. 

Some people claim they feel rage, but anger's dead. 
Rage is the thing to pretend to feel when the
world realises it doesn't revolve around anyone and 
actually revolves around the sun. 
Rage is like a rushing tidal wave of the opposite
of melting sunsets eating the horizon and generally
it's a lot less pretty unless you see a macabre 
sort of beauty in war and politics and education because
education is the big thing we should really be angry about 
because wouldn't true ignorance be bliss?

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