My dream-Your dream

Harry Styles, Hanna Walker -Love story


5. chapter 5

Hanna's POV

I couldn't stop looking at him... lizzie was right...

I still don't know his name.. Maybe i should be brave and ask him that ...

And i do it as well..

"Hey, umm you are our new classmate right??"

He looked at me with an exciting look

"Yeah.. I'm a new one. What's your name??"

I sighed in relief cuz' i didn't have to ask him that

"Ummm my , uhh name is Hanna and what's yours?" I asked

" i am Harry, harry styles "

" Welcome to Rosewood high school Styles"

He smiled and winked ...

I turned around and saw Lizzie , smiling .. She suddenly took her phone and started texting..

Suddenly my phone buzzed.. It was Lizzie

Lizzie-I heard you've already meet curly-hair haha .. Wanna meet up 2morrow ??

I smiled and decided to reply , but my phone buzzed again

Lizzie-oh and don't forget to bring Harry with you ;)

I rolled my eyes ...

"Sooo , me and my friend are going to go to the club tomorrow we have a fake ID and we can make one for you.."

He thought for a moment and said:

" yeah. Why not?"

Tomorrow is my chance to get to know him better

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