My dream-Your dream

Harry Styles, Hanna Walker -Love story


4. chapter 4

Hanna's POV

Lizzie-can i pick you up?

Me- how?? U dont have a car or something

Lizzie-huh, u think so??


Me-WAIT A MINUTE!! Did this really happen?? When did this happen? Why didn't u tell me!!

Lizzie-hey calm down geez! I was going to tell you that today ... So ur decision!? Comin' with me or not!!

Me-yeah of course, i'll be ready in a few...

Lizzie-okay i am off now

(End of the conversation)

~~~at school~~~

Hanna's POV

" so , who is our new classmate?" I ask Lizzie

"Oh you haven't seen him ? Dude you just lost your chance... I think i fell in love with him.. If you only knew......" She says

"Knew what?" I raised my eyebrow

"Oh nothing,i was just thinking"

I nodded slowly

~~~ after the lunch break~

Lizzie suddenly got up and zoned out

"LOOK HANNA!! HERE HE IS!!" She yells loudly

I turned around and saw a young boy with curly brown hair and shining green eyes... My mouth was shaped in 'O' .. HIS DIMPLES OMG.. He was sooooo attractive that the words couldn't describe...

I turned my head to Lizzie and saw she was smiling deeply..

"What ? Did I do something wrong?" I asked

She smiled again and answered:

" i told you, you would like him"

What ? Was this that obvious?

"n-No i don't like him" i lied easily

" yeah of course you don't " Lizzie rolls her eyes


I made a decision!

This is time to help my dream come true

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