My dream-Your dream

Harry Styles, Hanna Walker -Love story


3. chapter 3

Last year at school.

(1st september)

Hanna's POV

"Mum, please help me!!!!!" I cry loudly

"Honey, i am busy right now , can you ask me later??" Mum answers as i role my eyes

That happenes every day, so i'm used to it.. The only thing my mother cares about is her job.. She has a great job i want to say, we 're pretty wealthy , but i dont care.. I mean do you want so much money when your mother doesn't need you??BUT AS I TOLD YOU,SHE CAN'T LET ME GO ANYWHERE

It's alreay 8 am . School starts in 1 hour and i am still messed up .. I dont know which outfit is better for today. So i text Lizzie

Me: dude, tell me which is better : red and short dress, my "tomboy" outfit with beanie or what? Hurry up please ;)

In a few minutes, my phone buzzes:

Lizzie- i think the red dress will be better.. BTW did you know that we have a new classmate?? The girls say that he 's soooooooooo handsome ;)

I hope i will not like him.. I am not ready yet for love

P. S. I will update soon and the next chapter will be better and bigger ❤️

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