Spread Your Wings

Loraine is born with stumps witch with time grows to become wings. But at a age of 16 her parents doesn´t come home. Late at night to boys a little older than herself knocks on her door,


1. Prologue


hello dear readers

I am not english and therefor my english isn´t the best so there wil be some fails


Well everything started about 18 years ago, when a little baby girl was born into this world. However, this baby was born with two stumps out of her back, the little baby´s parents didn´t want the doctors to operate them away, so they kept them. The parents later named her Loraine.

At Loraine´s first birthday, her stumps had grown and was hanging down her back and at her second, they had grown feathers. The parents took her to the hospital many times that year, but the doctor’s couldn´t explain this phenomenon. Loraine grew and so did her stumps, which soon turned to wings. Loraine’s parents moved out of the city and as far as possible away from other people. The only one that has seen her wings was Loraine’s own family and the doctors.

At Loraine’s fifth birthday, she began home Schooling. Her Aunt taught her everything a normal kid would know and for a time Loraine lived an almost normal life beside the wings on her back and the lack of socializing. Loraine therefor spend alot of time praticing flying in the forest behind her family´s house.

 However, Loraine had been 16, when tragedy hit her family. It was almost 9 am, when she heard a knock on the door, Loraine opened the door expecting her parents but at the door, was two men she had never seen before. “Who are you?” she asks nervous “are you Loraine?” one of the boys ask, she nodded and folded her wings a bit tighter behind her. “Our mom, your aunt sent us here” one of the boys begin “we are here to save you” the other continued. “But we have to hurry they are on their way” the boys says nervous too now. “Okay…” she mumbles and step out the door, she was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and no shoes. “But first prove to me that you are family” she says confindent. They showed their wrist were a tattoo of a dragon circled around, everybody in her family got one at their 20th birthday, Loraine did there for not have one yet. Her cousins looked to be around 22 years old.

“Do I have any time to get some of my stuff?” she asks “sure but we are coming with you”. The boys walked in. Loraine took her Trench coat on hiding her wings. “So you are my cousins?” she ask walking upstairs to her room, to pack a bag. “Well, yes I am Cain and that´s my brother Drake” She got her phone, computer, some clothes and other stuff, that she might need. She walks down stairs “hello Cain and Drake… So where are we going?” she ask looking at her cousins, Cain a bit smaller than Drake with green eyes and spike blond hair, Drake eyes has a more blue colour and his hair dark brown. “To our bunker… it´s a couple of city´s away” Cain says. Loraine follow the boys outside, to their car. She sits down in the backseat, Cain in the driver’s seat and Drake sit shotgun.

Now this was 4 years ago today is Loraine´s 20th birthday. She has grown, living with her cousins, Cain and Drake. They taught her to fight and hunt, but not ordinary hunting. Cain and Drake has for their whole life, hunted the supernatural and they taught Loraine. Cain and Drake never told her what happened to her parents, or where her aunt were and Loraine kept her wings secret from them. It was hard when her wings grew too big for her trench coat to cover.

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