Spread Your Wings

Loraine is born with stumps witch with time grows to become wings. But at a age of 16 her parents doesn´t come home. Late at night to boys a little older than herself knocks on her door,


2. Chapter 1 : Birthday with feathers

Chapter 1 : Birthday with feathers

Loraine´s POV

“Rain! You up?” Cain calls from outside my door. I groaned and sat up in my bed “yeah… I am up” I call back sleepily. I slide out of my bed my wings stretching out behind me. I fold them against my back and bind some leather straps around them to keep them in place. I grab a pair of jeans and a black top dressing fast. I pull on a long pull over; because Drake kept saying it was weird, I was wearing a coat indoors. I open the door “Cain?” the hallway was empty. Suddenly, the silence was broken when Cain and Drake came down the hallway, with a beautiful birthday cake singing “happy birthday to you…” … wait it is my birthday, my 20th birthday. A wide smile spread on my face.  Today is the day… I am going to show them my wings today I thought. “Happy birthday Loraine “Drake says when they reach me. “Aww… thank you “I exclaim and hug them the best I can, without them dropping the cake.

We take the cake back to the kitchen. We eat breakfast and cake for dessert. “We have a surprise for you…” Drake says smiling mischievous. Cain takes a piece of blue cloth and blindfold me. I feel a hand gently pushing me forward and I begin to walk. “Turn right” Drake shouts from behind me, so I turn. After walking into walls about 10 times, I reach a door. “Open it” Cain whispers in my ear. I reach out, my hand wraps around a cold metal doorknob, and I push the door open and take a step inside. The hand ones again pushes me forward. I hear the door close behind me. “You may take of your blindfold” I reach up to my face and take of the blindfold. I blink a couple of times, before my vision clears up. In front of me is a large wooden chest. “Come on, open it” I sit down on my knees in front the chest.  I reach out and open the large chest, inside I find two swords, 7 knifes, two handguns, a shotgun, six books about myths and a lot more. On top of it, all is a small note “happy birthday Loraine “it reads.  “It´s from your mom and aunt… we just added a bit “Drake says. I turn around and give them a smile” Thank you “. 

 I turn back to the chest. I take the weapons to my room first and hide them in another wooden chest in there. I stable the books on a shelf in the small library, in our bunker. I find my way back to the chest, I lift up some clothes Drake had bout me and at the bottom of the chest was a drawing op wings. I knock on the bottom piece, making a hollow thumping sound. The chest contains a secret… I think to myself while scanning the room for something to open the bottom with, I end up using a knife. I remove the bottom to find some kind of silver armour for my wings and a long blade with weird runes on. I lift up the chest and carry it all the way up to my room. I push it into my closet. I find a locket and lock the chest.

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