Lost Stars

“If you want to know, you might wanna sit down then.”
I didn’t question.
Once seated on the couch, he opened his mouth, “I murdered a man.”
I choked.





All Diana ever said was, " Just tell them you trust me and that you agree to it all. Other than that, stay shut.”

It was about 9 in the morning, and before I could even run the comb through my hair, we were already in the car.

“Where are we even going?” I asked.

She smiled, while keeping her eyes on the road. “To the DA’s office.”



“I want Celia Sawyer off the case of Harry Edward Styles versus the Commonwealth,” Diana said. We were in the DA’s office, but it looked more like a battlefield for Diana.

“WHAT?!” the DA replied. The shock on his face was vivid.

Although shocked, I stayed shut. Just like she had asked me.

“My professor always told me the first thing about being a lawyer is that no matter what, always believe that your client is innocent. But Mrs. Sawyer clearly does not think so. And myself being fully equipped to fight for Mr. Styles, I would like to replace Mrs. Sawyer.”

The DA was baffled and speechless. I didn’t blame him, because so was I.

“‘Being fully equipped’, Miss. Brown?” he questioned.

“I have what it takes, sir. A law school, a degree, Masters everything!” She laid her file on the desk. “But due to certain personal issues, I just couldn’t carry on further.”

The DA went through the file, and said, “I see… but Miss Brown, this is a very critical case. You sure you can do it?”

She nodded.

“And Mr. Styles, you agree to all of this?”

I nodded. “Yes.”

“Sawyer, you agree?”

“Sure.” She rolled her eyes. Like she didn’t care. Because she didn’t care.

But Diana wasn’t done.

She spoke once again, “And also, with the core question remaining the murder of Andrew Sommers, I would like to change the case.”

The DA asked, “To what?”

“Harry Edward Styles versus Connor Maze.”




Once back in the hotel, I knew exactly what I had to do.

There he was. Hiding near the back-wall of the hotel, tattoos all over his right arm, smoking in the 15 minutes staff break, sneaky in a manner that I was sure he had at least broken into two houses in his teens.

I walked up to him. “Hey there.”

He quickly hid his cigarette. “Hello ma’am-”

I said, “Hey! No worries dude. I came here to borrow a smoke, if that’s cool?” I tried my best to hide my accent.  

“Oh sure.” He smiled, and handed me his cigarette.

I took a smoke, honestly hating the smell of it. To blow out the awkward air, I said, “I really like your tattoo man. It’s cool.”

He lit up like, well, a cigarette. “Really? Thanks. You got any?”

“Yeah! This one.” For once, the dragon tattoo I got when I was a teen came to my rescue. I lifted up my shirt from the back, showing him my deepest regret in life.

He almost jumped. “Woah man! Its really dope.”

I put the shirt down and smiled. “Thanks bro.”

He took in another smoke. “So… here in LA for what?”

I frowned. “Eh, long story. This sneaky fuck shit aunt of mine. She has a joint bank account with my dead grandma. Now she won’t let me use Gram’s money. Like fuck dude.”

He looked at me. “The fuck man! Gonna be a tough one.”

“Yeah, I know. Wish I could get a hacker or something. Change her account password and shit.”

He took in a smoke and said, “I think I can help. I have a friend two blocks down. Felix. He is quite a clean hacker. Maybe he can help…”

I pretended to be amazed. “You serious? Man, you’re a lifesaver! Can I like, meet him now?”

“Yeah cool. There is a meat shop there. Use the backdoor, and climb the stairs. You’ll meet him there. Tell him Chris sent you.”

I nodded, and gave Chris an American bro-hug. “Thanks man. See ya later.”

I was all set.



Felix wasn’t typically amused by the idea of me. “What do I get in exchange?” he pressed on.

For a stick thin brunette lad in his twenties, wasting all of his hours on the computer, Felix did know all about a good bargain.

“Cash. Loads of it.” I knew exactly how rich Harry was.

“And?” Felix wasn’t amused.

I sighed. God dammit!

“Fine! I’ll get you an entire evening with Harry Styles.” I sincerely hoped he was a fan.

He was astounded. He smiled and said, “You’re all set, Miss.”  

I smiled. “Ok. I need you to dig up all that you can on Connor Maze.”



“What were you even thinking? What are you even thing?!” Those were the two things Harry had screamed out all evening. All of it.

“Harry, relax. I have it all planned out,” I said, hoping he would calm down.

The room’s temperature rose with him. “No, you don’t! The plan was to get me out of jail. Now you want to fight with the man who made all this happen in the first place! Jesus!” he threw up his hands in the air.

I walked over to him, grabbed his shoulders and said, “Calm down. It’s a lot to take in. I get it. But trust me, I know what I’m doing. Okay?”

He understood. “Yeah okay.”

He sat down on the bed, drank some water, and asked, “So, where did you spend your first night here?”

I was embarrassed. “I umm… Slept on your doorstep.”

He choked. “You what?!”

“It’s ok. You’re mum said I could sleep in your room. But you were shocked. I was a stranger. You were upset. I was jet lagged. So I slept there. Then Niall came and let me sleep in his room.”

He laughed. “Haha Irish takes one for that.” He coughed. “So, for my mistake and intolerable behavior, please take the bed tonight. I’ll take the couch.”

I laughed. “What? God no! And it’s a really huge bed for one person only.”

He looked at me, unsure. “So, you don’t mind if we… you know, sleep together?”

I shrugged. “Why not? The bed is huge enough to fit the Great Wall of China between us.”

It was though.

He laughed. And so it was all settled. A fluffy bed, a perfect room, a beautiful city… couldn’t ask for more.

But right then, Felix called.


“Yeah, what?”

“Well, I really couldn’t sleep on this. So I have to tell you. You might get shocked but-”

“Tell me!”

I could hear him hesitate. “That guy. Connor Maze. See the thing is… he doesn’t exist.”

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