Lost Stars

“If you want to know, you might wanna sit down then.”
I didn’t question.
Once seated on the couch, he opened his mouth, “I murdered a man.”
I choked.


23. CHAPTER 23



I didn’t sleep all night. Not for the fact that I was high on hormones and erections. No, it wasn’t because the sex happened. It was just… she happened.


That’s all.

All night, I wondered: How did I get so lucky?

She was so extraordinarily amazing in epic proportions. She had such magnificence, courage, and perseverance; I barely even believed she was human. Diana is the type of person you can just look at for hours and wonder what she is made of.

And of all of the shit-I-will-end-up-in-jail moments in my life, I am so glad she landed just in time to save me from the iron bars. I was so so so glad.

As the sun rode the sky, my eyes finally moved to where Diana lay. I tried to investigate her dreamy beauty, twisting a strand of her hair around my finger.

“How did I get so lucky?” I whispered.

“To have better hair than mine? Beats me,” she spoke, her eyes still shut but now with a little smirk.

I laughed softly.

She opened her tiny eyes, and smiled.

I smiled back, touching her bare cheek. “You know, when I was a baker back in Cheshire, Barbara still doesn’t know but I used to slip in an extra donut sometimes to flirt with the pretty customers. Disappointing enough, I never met anyone I would slip in two for…” I promptly clicked my fingers and added, “But then I met you.”

She raised an eyebrow dramatically. “Oh really?”

I nodded, “Yep. I might even slip in a croissant for you. Mind you, those are £7 per piece nowadays,” I tried to sound nerdy.

She laughed. “A nice cup of tea would really help to digest this extravagant croissant compliment of yours.”

I nodded. Only when we got up from bed did I realize we both were plain naked. Awkwardly, we both turned to our bedsides to dress our shames. I quickly put on my underwear. I heard a rubber snap behind me and I knew Diana was doing the same. I waited for her to put on her bra, but I look down at my feet and it lying there. I picked it up and turned to face her. “Found it,” I said with a grin.

With her one hand covering her breasts, she smiled and took it from me, putting her arms through it. She pulled the elastic onto her back to hook up the ends. I saw her struggle to get the hooks for a while, but I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. On her fifth trial- and fail- I walked up to her to help.

She turned to me, almost about to refuse me. “It’s okay. It’s okay,” I said, turning her around.

I ran my fingers over her collarbones and down the straps over her shoulders, feeling her skin tense up on my touch. I cupped my fingers to the side of her hair to push them aside, and then softly kissed the back of her neck. She breathed in. I took the ends of the hooks and swiftly pulled them towards me, Diana gasping on my move. I grinned, and put the hooks on.

She put on her t-shirt and said, “Thanks.”

I smiled, “I could get used to this.”



“Boys. Look here! Me and Niall have something big for you,” Louis begged while the rest of us were having breakfast. We all turned around to face those clowns but from the position of the both of them I wondered what had this morning become.

“Oh yeah! Oh baby yeah! Yeah,” Louis went on and on sensually while Niall stood behind him, apparently giving him the ‘luck of the Irish.’ He spanked Louis’s butts occasionally.

“Yeah baby! Put on some annoying rock music too, babe!” Louis cried, while Niall just laughed till the end of his breath.

“Of course baby! I love you, baby!” Niall finally replied, whipping Louis once again.

Rubbing his hands all over his imaginary- and much wanted- breasts, Louis said, “I love you too, honeybun!”

We all laughed hard, Liam almost falling off his chair. Zayn couldn’t keep his head up while laughing with his eyes shut in shame. I looked over to Diana, red in laughter and humiliation.

“What even is this morning!” Liam cried.

“I’m never watching gay porn again,” I said, Diana hitting me under the table.

All the lads agreed. (“Okay. This was like a rough plot. We’re still improvising, right Nialler?”)

“You guys could hear us last night?” Diana asked the obvious question.

Niall said, “Yes love. That’s what happens when someone puts on Rolling Stones in the middle of the fucking night and mad fans like me and Liam hear it.”

Liam silently crept away from the table.

I turned to Diana and said, “On second thoughts, darling, I really wished you had called me ‘honeybun’.”

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