Lost Stars

“If you want to know, you might wanna sit down then.”
I didn’t question.
Once seated on the couch, he opened his mouth, “I murdered a man.”
I choked.




Sitting in a typical American cab for the first time, in Los Angeles, all one can ever think is how the world could ever measure up to be as beautiful as LA. But for much known reasons, all I could think about was why was I here. I looked into my phone, where Anne’s texts lingered on the screen, reflecting my drowsy face. The conversation had all sorts of things- flight details, Harry’s hotel information, and more. The last text was: “You will be alright. Do this for me. And please, DO NOT give up on him, Diana. Please.”

Give up what, Anne?  I wanted to ask.

But she wouldn’t tell me. She just won’t. I appreciate Anne trusting me to help out her son, but what did he need help for in the first place? And judging from how hard and long Anne had cried - she had cried all night- I had predicted it must be a pretty nasty scene.

But then again, what would I know about this celebrity world?

The cabbie turned around and said, “Miss, we’re here.”

“Huh?” I looked around. “Oh. Ok. Thank you.”

I gave him the money, and took out my bags. He waited for a little longer and asked, “Miss, aren’t you a little too…umm… unprofessional for a massive hotel like this?”

I looked down at myself. A Derby County hoodie, my saggy jeans I got from the local thrift shop, and of even lower dignity were my All Star sneakers with a little mud stuck on the sides- even the air hostesses let out a shudder when they saw them- and then there was my hair, pointing every direction. No wonder Cabbie thought so.

I gave a shrug and pursued my way to the hotel lobby. The receptionist went, “Welcome to The Crimson. How may I help you? ”

“Hey. Actually, I’m looking for Harry Styles. I was told he is stay-”

The woman jerked from her place and threw her hands up in the air. “Jesus Christ! How many times have we told you fans! Get out. Before I call the secu-”

I put my palms out in revolt. “Oh no no you have it all wrong! I’m not here for that. His mom sent me here-”

She made a face. “Yeah, good story.” It seemed like she had heard it for the millionth time. She held up the phone and dialed a number, and I was sure it was security. But right then, this happened. “Harry’s mom sent you?” a huge middle-aged man dressed in black asked me.

I was shocked by his interest. “Um yeah. She couldn’t make it, so I came.”

He bent down to take my luggage. “Come with me, miss. I’ll take you to him.” He looked at the baffled receptionist and said, “It’s okay. The girl’s with me.”

I rushed to keep up with the man. He held the door of the elevator, and said, “I’m Dale, Harry’s guard. He told me to wait in the hall for his mom, but I wasn’t aware that she had sent someone else instead…”

I breathed out. “Oh actually Harry doesn’t know she didn’t come.”

He widened his eyes, fear surfacing on his face. “He is gonna be pretty upset about that.”


The lift stopped. Dale helped to pull out the luggage out, but he went back inside. “I’ll just head down for dinner. You go ahead. It’s the last room in the second left. 708”

I nodded. “Ok. Thanks for all of this. Goodnight.”

He rumbled a goodnight, and the door shut. The door opened again, and Dale said, “Miss, he is not in a good mood right now, so if I were you, I’d be very careful.”

I didn’t know how to reply to that.


I knocked twice on his door. “Coming!” came a male voice from inside.

After a moment, the door opened, unveiling a beautiful face with pink swollen eyes. I could hear the Tom And Jerry theme playing in the TV. He had a napkin in one hand, and uneasiness on the whole self.

“Hi, Harry. I’m Diana,” I extended my hand for a shake. He kept looking at me, but said nothing.

I took it that his eyes were searching for a much older and familiar female face, instead of mine, so I spoke, “You’re mother couldn’t make it, so she-”

“WHATT?” he glared at me, wishing my lips were sown.

I begged. “I-”, but I guess I was too slow. He had already slammed the door shut, with loud footsteps floating away from the other side of the door. I refused to leave. I promised Anne I wouldn’t give up on him.

I banged the door. Once, then twice. “Harry, open the door!”

Then I stopped. Maybe he needed some time to take it all in. So I waited for 10 minutes.



Bang bang! On the eleventh minute, I screamed, “Open the door! Please Harry!”

This went on and on for another 10 minutes, and it ended in the surrender of all of my energy. I sat down on his doorstep, and leaned on the wall. And slowly, the world turned into a black mist of nothing…



“HAHAHA HA! Room service just hit another level! ” A loud voice woke me up. I looked up and saw a blonde young lad, almost as young as Harry, with a dimpled chin. He had a famously familiar face, which I assumed I may have seen it on posters and billboards. He was wearing gym sweats, with a towel over his shoulder. He was still laughing while I rubbed my eyes to search for an explanation.  

“Umm… I’m not actually room service. I was just waiting for the door to open, but I fell asleep...”

“Oh Harry? Yeah, I doubt he’ll open it anytime soon. And who are you?”

“I’m Diana, a friend of Harry’s mum. She sent me here, but now…” I shrugged, pointing to the obvious.

“Hi! I’m Niall. I’m in the same band as Harry…” he stretched his hand. I shook it with a smile.

He went on. “So, in my honest opinion, you should just head for your room. Harry is not really very friendly right now.” He shook his head.

I frowned. “Oh I can’t really. I have nowhere to go… Anne told me Harry could fit me in with him.”

“Oh now that’s a big bummer! Mmmm..” he rubbed his chin and continued, “You know what? You can sleep in my room. I can bunk with Zayn.” He almost saw me question, and added, “Zayn is also is in the band with us.”

I was surprised. “Really? That is utterly sweet of you, but for the sake of optimism, I think I’ll wait for a little longer here… Just in case.”

He winked. “Stubborn. And Derby County fan.” He eyed my hoodie “I like you already. Well, okay then.. goodnight!” He opened the door of the next room and just before stepping in, he said, “Oh and Diana?”


He grinned. “I’m betting 20 bucks he won’t open up.”

I smiled. Lads will be lads, they say.


After an accurate time span of 45 minutes, I gave up. Again.

I took out 20 bucks, knocked on Niall’s door, and slipped in the money from under the door. After a moment, he opened the door with a big smile of his face. He held onto his pillow in one hand and said, “Let’s hope we get to see Curly tomorrow.”

I pulled in my luggage and replied, “Your words to God’s ears, Niall.”

We wished each other goodnight, and right before I went to bed, I really hoped Niall’s words reached God’s ear.


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