Lost Stars

“If you want to know, you might wanna sit down then.”
I didn’t question.
Once seated on the couch, he opened his mouth, “I murdered a man.”
I choked.


19. CHAPTER 19



“All units ready?” the head of the Miami PD, Agent Kenner talked into his walkie-talkie. We were seated in a black Range Rover, which was one of the many parked all around the parameters of the Baptist Hospital, Miami.

I gulped, partially sweating in my bulletproof vest. “You sure you wanna come with us?” he asked.

I nodded twice.

“And what about Mr. Styles?”

Harry opened his mouth to reply, but I cut him off. “He isn’t coming. He’ll stay in the car.”

Harry turned to me in shock, and screamed, “You think so? Diana, I have to-”

I clenched a bit of his shirt in my fist to say, “Listen you dork. You don’t have any idea how ugly things could get in there! For all we know, Connor could have a gun. Or more. And I will do anything to keep you to standing on the other end of it.”

He held my hand and spoke, “But that’s not-”

“There is no other way around, Harry. I’m sorry.” And with that, I left.




“But that’s not the point! Diana, I couldn’t care if Connor grew some wings and flew to me and run me over with a battle tank. I really don’t care! I j-just can’t lose you.” I cupped her face. “I only just got you.”

She had pain in her eyes, water slowly filling into her sight.

In a parallel universe, she would let me speak.

In a parallel universe, she would listen to me.

In a parallel universe, she wouldn’t give herself up for me.




It was just a rough ten of us, our footsteps as soft as feathers hitting the ground. The corridors were empty due to the quiet evacuation, making our breaths the only thing audible. Cindy had told us that Connor would be in the 4th floor’s operation room, so as soon as we saw the elevators, we all braced ourselves to get in it. But before we stepped in, there was a whisper. “Is there room for one more?”

I tried to act speechless, but inside I was screaming down hell. “Harry! How the-”

He got into the elevator and explained. “There was a lot of shooting going on out there. Connor’s men were all over the place. Two cars just blew up in front of me. I got scared so I sneaked in here.”

I didn’t ask any questions. I simply took off my vest and handed it to him. “Wear it.”

“But what about you?”

I put the vest over his head and adjusted the latches. “There is no time here for ‘but’s. Just put it on. I’ll be fine.”

He didn’t question.


When the lift stopped, all guns were loaded and out. We narrowed our steps and headed for the OT. As soon as we spotted it, Agent Kenner motioned a countdown and three counts later, they kicked open the doors with a loud clash. The moment the doors revealed him, Connor quickly jumped and grabbed the doctor by the throat, a gun against his head. “Stand back, or he’s dead,” he said.

“Throw way the gun, Mr. Maze,” Agent Kenner ordered. But Connor didn’t listen.

I tried a softer approach. “Don’t you see it, Connor? It’s all over now. It’s all done,” I said.

Connor shook his head and commanded, “No, it’s not. He stole away my dream. As long as Harry is not destroyed, I’m not done here!”

I could feel Harry’s grip on my arm getting tighter, but I broke away and took two slow steps towards Connor saying, “Chris, you’re not Connor. You’re not that man. This is not what you want. You know there is no way else than to give up now. It’s-”

I didn’t get to finish. “DON’T FUCKING TELL ME THAT IT’S OVER!”

He was red with anger, his fingers pulling the trigger of the gun, pointing it at me. I didn’t get to say a last word; just die. “Diana!” I heard Harry scream, running to me in a heartbeat. He was fast enough to throw himself between the gun and me so the bullet wouldn’t pierce out my life.

And it didn’t.

I could hear fabric being pierced into, with the sound of a merciless cry. It wasn’t mine; it was Harry’s. I opened my eyes, searching for him. He was standing in front of me, eyes shut and arms draped around me. “Harry!” I placed my hand around him, blood pouring out from a wound in his back. He opened his eyes, relieved not to see white clouds and halos.

He turned back to Connor and said in pure fury, “I didn’t steal your damn dream, Chris! And deep down, you know the truth: nobody ever stole it. You just couldn’t chase it!” Relentlessly, he dragged his feet till his face was inches away from Connor’s. “And for what its worth, if you really did want your dream so bad, you wouldn’t be so busy ruining mine!”

Connor stood there as if in trance. He didn’t move at all, the gun slipping from his fingers and hitting the floor. With it, Harry fell as well, tired of breathing. I ran to him while the cops dealt with Connor, frozen in time. “Harry! ”

"Medic. To the fourth floor. Medic to the fourth," I heard someone scream. 

I tried to keep my eyes on Harry, but I couldn't see much with the tears streaming out. I took his head on my lap and kept begging, “Harry! Look at me, look at me! Please!”  

His eyes just didn't open.

My tears fell on his cheeks, as if sacrificing themselves for the life in him to come back. I was still holding his face and crying, “Harry please! Look at me, baby! Please!”

To my shock, he slowly opened his eyes and smirked. “You called me ‘baby’.”

I laughed through the tears. “Well, someone did take the bullet for me.”

He tried to sit up. “Well, someone was stupid enough to give up her bulletproof vest to me.”

I laughed softly and kissed his forehead. “Of course. My bad.”

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