Lost Stars

“If you want to know, you might wanna sit down then.”
I didn’t question.
Once seated on the couch, he opened his mouth, “I murdered a man.”
I choked.


16. CHAPTER 16



There wasn’t much to say. All there was Diana and I, and no space bars. And its not like I didn’t know love or how it felt. I knew love, but I just didn’t know Diana. She wasn’t just a person. She was like a whole feeling of a different kind. And I loved feeling it.

As soon as we reached home, we decided to order in pizza. Once changed and freshened up, we both sat down in the kitchen and called mum to give her the news. We put it on speaker.

“Oh Harry! My baby! I’m so happy for you!” she cried.

Both Diana and me looked at each other. “How did you know?” I asked.

“Oh your buddy John is such an angel. He did something with that room’s camera and I got to see the whole thing in my computer,” she replied.

John Ryan. Added on my hit list.

I smiled anyway. “Thanks mum. I’m really lucky to have Diana’s help.”

“I know you like her, Harry!” she teased. I tried my hardest to hold in my laugh. Mum went on, “John didn’t end the video too soon, so I saw what went down in that room. You dirty little prick! Who the hell taught you to do all that?”

Diana giggled. I spoke, “Ok so I guess we should call it a night then.”

“Nothing had better happen there tonight, Harry. I’m too pretty to be a grandma.”

I laughed. “Goodnight, old lady.”

“Watch it, young blood!” she warned. “Goodnight love.”

Once I kept the phone, I looked at Diana and said, “Parents. Always embarrassing.”

She shrugged. “Aren’t they all..”


As soon as the pizza came in, we dove into it like we had never seen a circular food item of cheese and bread before. We watched a bit of TV to pass the time, and much to my amusement, Diana asked, “Harry, you have a girlfriend?”

I almost choked on my pizza. “Umm who is a part-time hacker? No.”

She threw a pillow at me. “Seriously! Tell me.”

I put on a serious look. “Sadly, I do.” I looked down, dramatically. "I'm sorry. I didn’t want you to find out this way.."

She looked back to the TV screen, her shoulders dropping down. “Oh.” She lay back on the couch, not wanting to know more.

“You wanna meet her?” I asked.


“Come on!” I pulled her from her seat. We headed for the stairs, and then for the corridor. “You’ve probably seen her before.”

She turned red. “Wait. She’s been in here?! This whole time!?”

When we reached the end of the corridor, I made her stand in front of the mirror. “Yeah, kind of. Took me a while to realize it as well.”

She looked at her reflection, and me standing behind her. Hand in hand, she saw happiness and I saw perfection. I took her hand and kissed it. She smiled, and then turned to hit me on the chest. “You nearly gave me a cardiac arrest!”

I laughed.

“You little psycho! You’re doing the dishes tonight.”


With all that had happened at day, and night, it only felt fair to the both of us to want to keep our space. So, much painfully we headed to our bedrooms. I took off my shirt and bounced on my bed, falling fast asleep.

When I woke up, it wasn’t morning. Diana was coming in from the door. I looked down at myself, and I was soaking in sweat. “You okay? I heard you talking and screaming,” she rushed in.

I tried to sit up, powerless to think of anything at all.

“It’s okay. It’s okay. Just relax,” Diana said, wearing a beige camisole and Batman pajamas. She grabbed a towel form the bathroom and sat down beside me, rubbing my face and body. “Don’t have to talk. Relax. Just a bad dream. Nothing else,” she said.

I breathed deeply, with Diana pressing the towel against my drenched skin. I finally nodded to say, “I’m fine now. Thanks.”

She nodded and stood up to leave.

“Don’t go,” I requested. When I realized how stupid I sounded, I added, “Sorry. I guess I’m just tired of being alone.”

She smiled and came back to my side. “Me too.”

I lifted the blanket, gesturing her to join in. She placed her legs next to mine, sending a sizzling chill in my bones. She pushed her body to me till our arms intertwined and then, I pulled the covers back on. I stretched my hand over her pillow, so her head rested on my arm. And for a moment too long, we both just lay there without a word, our breaths matching up with each other.

Call me the lamest of all men, but I didn’t wish for anything to happen. I just wanted us to sleep together. Like, ‘sleep’ sleep. No sex, making out, or any other vigorous actions as such. Just us, sleeping together.

I stroked her hair, while she played her fingers with mine over my chest.

I loved this. I loved her.

Then the truth hit me. “You’re gonna leave soon, aren’t you?”

She looked at me and grinned. “Not so soon, mister.”

I looked at her, waiting for her explain. “When the Judge called me, she told me how impressed she was with me, considering this was my first ever trial. She said that if I could pull in a citizenship here, she could put in a good word for me in this firm she knows, and get me a job there.”

I sat up in excitement. “Diana, that’s brilliant!” I kissed her forehead.

She smiled, tears making their way out from her lashes. I wiped them away, making her smile. I tuck her into my arms saying, “It’s all okay. Everything’s gonna be just perfect.”

She didn’t cry anymore. All she said was, “I’ve never seen perfect.”

“Then look at me,” I teased.

She laughed. And soon enough, we were a hot sleepy mess of love.


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