Lost Stars

“If you want to know, you might wanna sit down then.”
I didn’t question.
Once seated on the couch, he opened his mouth, “I murdered a man.”
I choked.


15. CHAPTER 15



Once she was seated, Diana introduced Celia to the prosecution. "Mrs. Sawyer was Harry Styles' previous lawyer, till I came and ruined the whole pictured, didn't I Celia?"

She didn't say a word.

Diana started the fire, “Have you ever been to Barbados, Mrs. Sawyer?”

She looked down and whispered, “Umm… no.”

“Really? Why not?”

“I heard it’s all a costly affair,” she answered.

“Objection!” Sutter banged his desk. “Completely irrelevant.”

She replied. “You will soon see my point.” Diana turned to Celia and resumed. “So, Mrs. Sawyer. Costly affair, you say? Well, you know, this is really unexpected of you. Since you have booked a full family summer vacation stay in the Red Crown Hotel in Barbados.” She handed the paper in her hand to the Judge.

Celia shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

Diana went on. “And that damn well took a lot of money. Now, I started to think, “Where did the money come from?” So then, I type a little and look at your bank account, and what a beauty it was! 20 grand in one transaction? And more 20 grand in another? That might as well be a Genie!”

Celia didn’t say a word.

“You know, I have about 3 different theories, each of which make you the bad guy. The least you can do is give out a confession and make yourself look little good,” Diana told her.

For a moment, Celia didn’t say a word. And then, she spoke, “Okay okay!” She breathed deeply before she started again. “It was about three days before Andrew Sommers was killed. Connor Maze came to my office, willing to pen down a deal. He told me that he had men who will make sure that I am handed to defend Harry Styles in this case. Said he needed to me to make a weak defense so Styles would be framed for the murder. If I agreed, and right then he would wire in 20 grand to me, and promised me another 20 just before the trials started. I was literally getting money for doing nothing at all, so yeah. I agreed.”

Before Diana could claim the moment, the Judge said, “Before we resume, Mrs. Sawyer, for your untimely and selfish judgment, you are suspended from practicing law for 6 months and will be assigned 480 hours of Community Service effective from tomorrow.”

Celia looked down and whispered, “So much for the truth.”

“So much for Barbados,” Diana punned.


The last on the witness seat was Nick Grimshaw. He didn’t have to be asked what to speak, ‘coz his words held all that needed me to be proved innocent. I sat on my chair, listening to every word coming from him. Sideways, Diana ran out the security footage of Nick’s to show that Connor had really come to his place. Once Nick stopped, the Courtroom was not the same again.

Diana addressed the Judge. “Can I just say, your honor, that growing up, all I have ever really watched were these American crime and justice shows. And I had never been to America, but through these shows, fiction or not, I knew that no matter what, justice was etched into the American soul. And if today, my client is to be charged with Mr. Sommers’ murder, it’ll surely break my image of America, and so will many others’.”

Diana knew her ways around words.

As soon as Diana took her place beside me, the Judge looked from over her glasses and eyed me to say, “After analyzing the evidences and witnesses presented here today, the Court concludes that Mr. Harry Styles is found,” Diana pressed her grip on my arm, “not guilty for the murder of Mr. Andrew Sommers. However, Mr. Connor Maze is to be held responsible for the murder and is entitled to lifetime imprisonment.” She looked at the prosecution and spoke, “Mr. Sutter, have you any idea where your client is?”

Sutter shook his head.

“Very well then. A manhunt for Mr. Connor Maze, previously identified as Chris Maybell, will be put down, effective from this very moment.”

I didn’t even listen to the last part, because my heart was beating so damn hard. It was like all the weight on my shoulders have been dragged away, letting me breathe again. I looked over to Diana beside me, leaping up and down in joy. All we did for the next few moments was freeze and take it all in. Soon, the people inside the room went out. But before I could speak a word to Diana, the Judge walked up to us. “Ms. Brown, could I borrow you for a moment?”

Diana looked at me, and I nodded.

Once she was gone, my phone rang. “HARREEEHHH!” An unison of multiple voices sang on the speaker. Idiots.

Before I could reply, they screamed, “Congrats, you pussy!”

Like I said, idiots.

I froze. “Wait. How the hell did you all find out?”

Liam said, “Oh it’s John. He wired in the camera of the trial room and got us the live stream.”

I laughed and shook my head in amazement. “Hah… you guys are unbelievable! Anyways thanks lads.”

Louis cried into the phone, “Enough bullshit! Go kiss the girl!” I heard loud cheering from the back.

I could hear them singing in a harmony, “Diana and Harry sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”

Liam cried, “Nobody really sits on a tree anymore! It should be like, sitting in a Ferrari.”

I laughed while they sang, “Diana and Harry sitting in a Ferrari, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”

I sighed, “Lads, I can’t. You all know that she has a bo-”  

I heard footsteps from the door. Diana walked in, wearing a smile from ear to ear. I dropped the phone as soon as she saw me. “Can I get a hug?” she asked.

And she came, I noticed how she was the most incredible and beautiful women I had ever seen. She had the smile of an angel, lips severely irresistible, and hair as soft as the softest thing in the universe.

No, she wasn’t perfect. She had a little scar on her right knee, untamed fingernails, those two tiny strands of hair near her temple which always fell out of place, baby fat on her cheek which refused to fade away in time and a habit of working way too hard for other people.

No, she wasn’t perfect. But she was indeed the most perfectly imperfect being I had ever seen.

And I knew I couldn’t let she get away.

“You can get more than a hug, ” I smirked. And in the quickest of moments, I took her hand and pulled her into a fitted embrace, placing my mouth on her lips.

In that instance, I had no breath, because she owned it; I had no fear, because she slayed it; I had no heart, because she took it and I had no life, because she was it.

With every growing second, she became more of me, and I her. I ran my fingers around her back, and pulled her in tighter, with only one breathing for the two of us. Her hair was tied in a bun, and without a second thought, my fingers found their way and opened her clip, letting her hair loose. She ran her fingers through my hair, down my jaw and then my back. Our bodies were delicately touching each other in every part, but never merging in. We were still kissing, trying to disappear into the other.

Because there was no leaving this, but there was no getting this either. Like a jerk, I pulled away from the only girl I ever wanted. Again. I said, “I’m so sorry! You have Felix.”

Her lip gloss was messed up, much of it stuck on my lips. “Felix?” She laughed. “Harry, Felix and I… we were never, you know. We were never together.”

I didn’t understand. “But you sai-”

“See, Felix is a hacker of sorts. He was my way of getting all my info, many of which were attained in illegal ways. There was a good chance we could get caught, you being the first person held responsible. And if the DA asked you anything at all, you would have no clue whatsoever. So even if I would be sent to jail, at least you could be left out of the consequences.”

I didn’t have any words left to say. She thought of all of this, just so I could be safe. Yes, she planned on giving me a tiny heartbreak, but all of this just so I could be safe and sound.

When the silence was too deafening, Diana leaned in on her tippy-toes to give me one last kiss. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and I fastened my grip around her waist, making my way up to her back. With our tongues harassing each other’s, leaving our desperations just as loud as our breaths.

When we drew part, I held her face and said, “You’re amazing.”

She smiled. “And you’re a free man.”

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