Lost Stars

“If you want to know, you might wanna sit down then.”
I didn’t question.
Once seated on the couch, he opened his mouth, “I murdered a man.”
I choked.


14. CHAPTER 14



The next morning, hope was what woke me up. Looking at the sunrise, I tried to picture myself looking at it tomorrow, and I definitely didn’t see it through bars wearing a dishonored orange jumpsuit. I smiled to that.

“If we get saved, remember to go to Church twice a week, ” Diana said, straightening my tie.

I laughed. She wore one of the dresses I had once bought her, the blue of the dress bringing out the green in her eyes.  

In less than two hours, we were at the court. I remembered the last time we had been here: the entire behavior of the experience ate up my confidence in anything at all.

“Harry!” a voice cried from a remotely far distance.    

I looked back. “Grim!” he opened his arms and hugged me. I chose to be happy, but inside, I was furious. “What are you doing? You can’t be here, Nick.”

He shook his head. “No mate. I had to. Like, what kind of a friend leaves the other to rot in a cell?”

“But you can’t do this for me. Its too-”

“Nonsense. I’m speaking, even if that’s the last thing I ever do.” He turned to Diana right beside me. “You, dear lady, look ravishing.” He winked at her while she blushed. “And also, I got the security footage of my front gate, just in case.” He gave her a pen drive. Diana took it and almost lit up with delight. “You boys talk. I’ll just put Nick on the witness list.”

We both nodded. When she was gone, Nick whispered, “You know, Ashton Kutcher called me last night. Said Mila came clean and told him all about it. He was like, it’s all cool and stuff. So, I as like, eh! As long as I don’t land in with a broken nose, I could come here and testify for your whiny little ass.”

I laughed.




I let the prosecution begin this time. Hank, the gun storeowner was brought into the witness stand. “Please tell us who you encountered in your gun store at 12:30 pm on the 14th of April,” Sutter said.

Hank looked at me, scared that I would disclose his true identity but I had my guns loaded. So I smiled and nodded at him.

Hank talked all about the day; when Harry came, what he bought, when he left.

When he was done, Sutter spoke, “Harry Styles bought a Taurus .38 caliber revolver and so was Andrew Somers killed 3 weeks later with a bullet from such a revolver. The facts are clear, your honor. Harry Styles should be put behind bars, not roaming in freedom.”

As soon as Sutter sat, I stood up. “I would like to call up Miss Megan Black to the stand.”

Megan stood up from the bench and headed to the front. She didn’t look up for once, but when she did, she looked at Harry. I saw him smile at her, and off she went shaking like a leaf chanting, “Oh fuck. Oh holy fuck.”

“Now, Megan, where were you at 12:30 pm on the 14th of April?” I asked.

She looked at me and froze, seeing my familiar face. “I was at a mall near Hollywood. Shopping.”

I smiled. “Brilliant. Now, what miracle happened there that day?”

“Harry was there. With Zayn. They were shopping at Calvin Klein’s.”

“Nice. Now, from the security footages of Calvin Klein’s, we can see that Megan’s story is backed up for.” I handed to the Judge two pictures of the boys in the store.

Megan handed me her phone, “See, I have a video here I took when they were leaving.” I gratefully took it and played the video for the Judge. She nodded.

“Thank you Megan. You can go now, ” I spoke softly.

She nodded and left her seat.

I turned to the Judge saying, “Now, we have all proof necessary to know that the Harry Styles in Hank’s And Sons was not the real Harry, since he was shopping in Hollywood.” I headed to my desk and grabbed a printout. I handed it to the Judge and said, “My next witness will be Keith Tanners, who had only recently accepted an online offer to act out as Harry Styles’ look-alike.”

Keith stood up from his seat, and the gasps in the room were vividly filled the air. As he made his way to the witness seat, all eyes were stuck on him. The fact that the people could see that Keith was exactly like Harry had already won me the case. I asked Keith to explain what he had to do to be accepted for the Facebook ad, and he replied, “I had to send my photo to this email id. Then, couple of minutes later, I got a call that I got accepted.”

I nodded and took yet another paper from my desk. While giving it to the Judge, I said, “This is Mr. Tanners phone record for 14th April. And number from which he received the call is now no longer active, but it was previously owned by Connor Maze.”

I turned to Keith and said, “Please tell us all that you were asked to do.”

And once Keith started, there was no stopping him. He went over each and every detail, having every person in the room live the day with him. But I believe everyone was still hung over his facial familiarity with Harry to be listening to his tale at all.

When he was finally done, I for one had nothing to add. After asking him to recover his seat, I asked for my second last witness: “Celia Sawyer. Please, join me here.”

As grumpy as she had ever looked, Celia stood up and walked to the front.

Oh how I was going to make her sweat today.      

I smiled. 

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