Lost Stars

“If you want to know, you might wanna sit down then.”
I didn’t question.
Once seated on the couch, he opened his mouth, “I murdered a man.”
I choked.


11. CHAPTER 11



When Harry left, I took off myself with Harry’s other car to the nearby mall. I entered inside building, my eyes only set for one thing: plain white t-shirts. Once I saw them, I grabbed a handful of the same medium size, paid the bill and went to the car. I took out my phone and called Felix. “Hey babe,” he answered.

I replied in a straight note. “Don’t. Just don’t.”

“Ok, fine! I was just trynna get into character.” When I didn’t respond, he added. “Tell me what you need.”

Down to business. “Ok. I need an eye on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram anything social. Grab me accounts solely dedicated to One Direction. Or just Harry.”

“Ok. One Direction gives you roughly 12 million accounts. Just Harry gives you 14 million.”

I was so close to slapping myself with a cactus. “Now, try the location based in LA. IP address, phone GPS anything.”

He typed. I waited a little for the magic to happen. He replied, “That leaves 47 thousand.”

“Now, accounts which updated on Harry on 14th April. It should be pictures with him and Zayn outside some mall.”

I heard him type on the other end. He waited for half a minute then said, “That’s almost all 47 thousand of them. ”

I had to keep going. “I need the accounts which place themselves right at the scene. All those who saw the boys face-to-face.”

He typed. “Okay… now for the first time, this is a number I can actually count.”

I waited.

“It’s about 9 of them,” Felix said.

I sighed out deeply. “Thank God!” I cried in relief. “Grab their locations, and tell me the lucky ones who are somewhere outdoors. Some mall, park, playground. Anywhere.”

“Okay,” he said. After 10 seconds, he said, “It’s a weekday, so most of them are at home. Two are out. One is in the Central Jail. One in the Griffith Park.”

Without a question, I headed for the park. “Send me a picture of the girl.”


“Oh and Felix? You know any store where they print the photo on a t-shirt?”


Once all set, I put on the t-shirt and headed for the park. For the first time in my life, I blessed GPS. Amen to it, and all its benefits. Of course it lies about the traffic and how simple and yellow the road seems in the map than it actually is, but at least it gets you somewhere. I took the Santa Monica Boulevard route, ‘coz that seems to be the shortest. And unlike the GPS so heartfeltly promised, no. I did not cover 6.9 miles in 23 minutes. It takes me about 40 minutes to tackle down the traffic and to slay the harsh red lights.     

And after I had entered the park, I called Felix again to ask where was the girl. “Keep driving a lil’ left and park in front of the observatory. Near the railings there is a part where the D of the Hollywood sign is directly pointing at you. That’s where her GPS says she is. And I hacked her Facebook. Her name is Megan and she is gonna be wearing some white top with the peace sign and denim shorts. And be quick. Some Alexia is going to be coming. Megan just had a break-up or something.”

“Thanks. And what’s her twitter handle?”


I had no time to winced at the oddity of it, so I just quickened my steps.

Just like he said, Megan was there. I took my coke in one hand, ready as planned. As soon as I was closely behind her, I spilled out the drink, the liquid destroying her white socks and shoes. As soon as she turned, I cried in an American accent. “I am so so so sorry!”

I pulled out a napkin to rub the stains but she moved her feet saying, “It’s okay. It’s fine.”

As soon as I got up, she eyed my t-shirt like an eagle. But before she could say a word, I stole the show. “Oh my God, are you @icecreammeganarry?”   

She shrugged. “Yeah?”

I did a stupid wide-eyed-jumpy-feet-jazz-hands motion and said, “Omg you’re like my favorite ever! You’re the best!”

She was still looking at my t-shirt. “Thanks a lot.” She smiled. “Hey, where did you get that shirt?”

Bull’s eye!

“Oh this? I just got these pictures of Harry somewhere, and I put it on the fabric. He looks so hot right?” I put salt on the wound.

Red with the heat and jealousy, she said “Um yeah. Definitely. But, just FYI. I have like every fucking picture of Harry that was ever taken. And I never saw these before. Ever.”

“Really? Woah!” I acted surprised. Then, I dug into my bag and said, “You know, I always get two to three copies of the same t-shirt. Just in case. You can take these. I got one more at home.”

“Really?” the moment she took them from me, she looked at them like they were the biggest diamonds on the planet. “Thanks! Thanks a lot!”

I smiled. “No trouble.”

For a moment, we both just looked at the HOLLYWOOD sign. Megan broke the silence to say, “Have you heard about all that fuss with Harry? There are like updates of him being seen near the Court almost every fucking day!”

I tried to keep up. “I fucking know right? It’s kinda confidential stuff, but my mom is kinda colleagues with Harry’s lawyer and she knows all about it.”

She turned to me, begging, “What is it?”

“Well, it’s like someone is trying to frame him for Andrew’s death. Fucking cunt! And the gun used was apparently bought by Harry. And all the Court needs is some evidence that Harry wasn’t at the gun store on 14th April, ‘coz that’s when the gun was bought.” I kept it brief, but one has to spill the breadcrumbs if one wants to be found.

“Wait. 14th? Wasn’t that the day Harry and Zayn went shopping?”

I shrugged. “Yeah, but they don’t believe pictures off of the Internet. My mom said they need testimony. Someone who was there in the flesh.”

“I was there!” she nearly screamed. “I swear to God. I was there! I can testify!”

“OMG that would be awesome!” I screamed as well. “You sure? ‘Coz I can get my mom to get in talks with Harry’s lawyer and she can set you up.”

She almost head banged. “I’m bloody sure! Fuck yes! Holy shit, I’m gonna save Harry fucking Styles.”

I cried out, “Yeah! Wohoo! You are his savior. Sweet! And from all that my mom told me, trial is day after tomorrow. Noon I think.”

She nodded. She gave me her contact number and address, “in case Harry asks for them,” she said.

I whispered to her, “And also, it’s all really confidential. It could destroy the image of the band and stuff, so you can’t tell anyone.”

She nodded. “Sure sure. Not telling anyone.”

But I know girls. I know how ‘anyone’ was always excluding a girl’s best friends. But by the time word spread, Harry would be long over with this. So we had nothing to worry about.

And besides, I had a little more business which needed attending.




For the tenth time, Niall was still playing the guitar.

For the tenth time, Julian was still debating that he was indeed Jesus 2.0.

And for the tenth time, I was still thinking about Diana.  

“You know I can actually bless you to be her boyfriend,” Julian said.

“You wish,” I teased. “Besides, she already has one.”

“Well, wish you had the Irish charm. Could have stolen her heart like a thief,” Niall babbled.

Ireland should be proud of Niall. He practically advertises about his dear little island everywhere he goes. Everywhere.

I picked up my jacket and said, “Well gentlemen, looks like the day’s business is over. See ya when I see ya!” I stood up and headed for the door.

Behind me, I could hear Jesus 2.0 saying, “Ha! You saw how happy was? Brace yourself, human. A man in love can make melodies with the taste of paradise.”

I smiled and left.

Back home, the garage had my Range Rover missing, so I assumed Diana was still out with Felix. Like a fool, I started to wonder where they could be in the entire city. Maybe they were at some romantic restaurant, sharing a drink. Or maybe at a park, sitting on a bench in each other’s arms and watching the stars. Or maybe they are just walking through the streets, hand in hand eating frozen yogurt. Or maybe they both are at Felix’s place, having nice evening se-

Damn it! 

I’m such a persistent sadist.

And also a man about to go jail. 

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