Lost Stars

“If you want to know, you might wanna sit down then.”
I didn’t question.
Once seated on the couch, he opened his mouth, “I murdered a man.”
I choked.




This… this cannot be happening. This just- no no no. It can’t be...

I ran my fingers through my hair, frustration leveling up inside me. With anxiousness taking it’s toll, I clenched my fists and flipped my hair to the side. I marched to and fro in my hotel room, my steps shaken and nearly breaking my wounded pride. This.. I had to figure something out. Something… ANYTHING!

I stopped. 

My eyes went to my phone on the bed. In a blink, I pulled it into my hand, pressing the buttons as fast as I could. Fingers shaking like an old man’s, I dialed. I breathed out heavily, rubbed off the sweat of my broken face, and held the phone to my ear.

This is my only hope, I thought.

And before I knew it, I had already said it out loud twice.



“Are you happy? ” Anne asked.

 Her grip on my shoulder was soothing, and the warmth of her touch had killed every batting feeling of insecurity in me. I smiled.

“Mrs. Twist, please do not put my emotional state under interrogation. Happy? I am more than happy. I couldn’t even ask for an ounce more of anything. I just-”

Her eyebrows were pressed together. “Stop there, young lady. It has been over a month since you and I have been working together. It’s not ‘Mrs. Twist’. Just Anne. ”

I laughed. “Sorry, my mistake.” She smiled. “But Anne, I don’t know how will I ever repay you. Ever. Promise me. If there is anything I can ever do for you, anything at all, let me know. Please.” I held her hand.

If she hadn’t moved her fingers to my cheeks and wiped my tears, I wouldn’t have even known that I was crying. “Umm… well for now, you can just eat the brownies and tell me that they are great. I am gravely aware that I burned them off a little.”

We both giggled.

The evening could not have gone better. Just the two of us, talking and chatting about almost everything the universe had offered as fitting topics of womanly gossip. I couldn’t help but notice- and that is for the millionth time- that Anne was a lovely woman. Anne was made of love. She was the most beautiful woman, with kindness etched to her soul. And the way she had saved my life… I knew I would not be able to return this favor. Not even if God blessed me with nine lives...

Her phone started to ring from the kitchen. She cried, “Oh God! Just shoot this person right now and pour him in hot boiling chilly sauce. ”

I grinned. “That is too harsh a curse for just a phone call…”

Anne winked and left for the kitchen. She looked at her phone and from the smile on her face I could tell that person was her ball of sunshine. She said, “Harry! My baby! How are you?”

Harry… that lad again. Anne’s son and an international figure of… well, everything.

I expected the shrill silence of the evening to end from the happy tones of Anne’s conversation with Harry, but perhaps another time. Because some anxious worry took over Anne’s voice, and when she saw me worried, she took onto the conversation to her room.

I silently kept sipping my wine, and after a rough patch of twenty odd minutes, Anne came down. The happy smirk on her face had disappeared into a face of wrinkled uneasiness. I sat up.

“Diana, I think I know how you can repay me.”

I nodded. “Of course. Of course.  Anything for you. Tell me.”

“I need you to go to LA. Tomorrow. Because…”

I hurried to her and made her sit down. She burst into tears and said, “It’s just ... Harry. He can’t do this alone… please. Do it for me.”

What ‘this’ meant was a question in my mind, but I didn’t press on.

I wiped her tears. “Hey. Hey. Hey. I will go. Okay? Don’t worry. I’ll do anything. I’ll do it.” I forced a smile in the hope that she will return the expression. She did.

And all I thought was: ‘This’ had better be good. 

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