Better Tomorrow (Collection of Songs)

I've had my fair share of heartbreaks before and writing them down into songs seems to help. I posted one of those songs awhile ago and it seemed to be received well, so I thought I might put up a couple of them in a collection. These are kinda personal so if you don't like them or think they're stupid, then keep that to yourself and click away. Thanks.


7. Way


I never asked to be this way,

But man, I can't help the way I'm raised,

I'm starting to wonder if it even pays,

To live this life from day to day,

'Cause no matter what I do or say,

It doesn't affect the way things play,

I may never change what's already made,

But God-damn, I can try today...


And you may think, because I live in a neighborhood for the upper class,

Really, my life can't be that bad,

But you ain't had the life I had,

Living under my mom and dad,

And honestly, It drives me mad,

Thinking of all my opportunities they trashed,

Then still expecting my to kiss their ass,

Do they honestly expect me to forget that fast?

If they do... News in. News flash,

I'll never forget what's in the past.




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