Better Tomorrow (Collection of Songs)

I've had my fair share of heartbreaks before and writing them down into songs seems to help. I posted one of those songs awhile ago and it seemed to be received well, so I thought I might put up a couple of them in a collection. These are kinda personal so if you don't like them or think they're stupid, then keep that to yourself and click away. Thanks.


2. Used to Be



Writing down these lyrics is simply therapy
I know that soon it will all be fine, and maybe hopefully
One day we'll look back on all our troubles and you'll say to me
Baby can't you see, we were never meant to be
But honestly, I think I deserve an apology
Cuz currently you're truly telling me
We were nothing from the start and never likely to be
Was it all in my head, that you were kissing me?
Figments of my imagination, our walks on sixth street?
Maybe I'm going mentally.
I need someone to save me
But clearly it can't be you, cuz you're sitting with my enemy
The one who you used to be my friend, and history
between us has existed much longer than you and me
Who are you exactly?
To throw my world off into a catastrophe?…
Forgive me if I can't see 
the one with whom with I fell in love, who you used to be.

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