Better Tomorrow (Collection of Songs)

I've had my fair share of heartbreaks before and writing them down into songs seems to help. I posted one of those songs awhile ago and it seemed to be received well, so I thought I might put up a couple of them in a collection. These are kinda personal so if you don't like them or think they're stupid, then keep that to yourself and click away. Thanks.


5. Lindsey

I met this girl, earlier this year,

She was perfection to me, eyes skin and hair,

Her beauty shone from the outside and in,

And when I saw her I knew I'd be wondering where she'd been.


Two days past, and we spent it all together,

On the third day I was wishing it would stay like this forever,

That night we met, six o' clock beach party

I showed up, dressed down in a tuxedo tee,


We danced all night, 'til our feet were sore,

Then just so we could be together, we danced even more,

I fell in love again, every time I saw her,

And after just four days, I couldn't have expected what came after,


We were taking a walk, like usually, down street six,

When she pulled me aside, hugged me, and we started to kiss,

It was the best feeling ever, her warm wet lips against mine,

A moment of bliss, unaffected by time,


But like all great stories you read,

Happy endings aren't guaranteed,

And after four days, seven more moments of bliss,

The worst thing ever happened, which is why I'm writing this...

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