Better Tomorrow (Collection of Songs)

I've had my fair share of heartbreaks before and writing them down into songs seems to help. I posted one of those songs awhile ago and it seemed to be received well, so I thought I might put up a couple of them in a collection. These are kinda personal so if you don't like them or think they're stupid, then keep that to yourself and click away. Thanks.


6. Goodbye Love

She's gone, And now it feels like a large weight has been lifted,

The focus of my whole world, suddenly has been shifted.


I'm finally free, And how it feels oh so amazing,

My God, Let me just tell you a little of what I'm no longer facing,


Heartbreak, Breakups, And everything  in between,

Lies, Accusations, All the things she cursed at me,


But, I'm finally free!


It's a truly beautiful thing an'

That's why I'm singing...


Goodbye Love, Sayonara, Nice to know ya,

It's been fun, but quite honestly, I wish I'd never known ya...


You turned my life, left, right, and upside down,

Now its time for me to go back, and turn it back around.


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