Band boys

Lilly world could not get any worse until one day everything falls apart. When going half way across the world she falls for the band boy.


1. Falling apart

Hi my name is Lilly, I am seventeen and I live with my dad in Missouri. My mom passed away when I was two so now it's just me and dad.

Lilly's POV

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP my alarm clock went off I slowly sat up and looked at the clock it was only 6:50. So I decided to get on by Mac book for a little while. When I got done I finally got up and went to take a shower. I turned on the water to let it get warm, after about five minutes I hoped in. I stood there and let the warm water rush on me for a while. I washed my hair and shaved my legs. I got out and dried off I decided to go to my closet to get an outfit to wear. I chose black skinny jeans cut at the knee a white Vans shirt and my black high top Converse. I blow dried my long wavy hair then changed. I decided to put my hair in a messy bun just because I was feeling lazy. I grabbed my bag and headed down the stairs. I walked in the kitchen my dad was not there, dad,dad I yelled no answer. I ran through the house until I found him in the bedroom on the floor. I let out a scream and dialed 911 they arrived soon and we headed to the hospital. I sat in the waiting room for hours when finally a nurse came out to me. As soon as I saw her faces knew that he was dead. Next thing I knew I was running back through the doors doctors trying to stop me but, none of them could. A burly man grab the tail of my short and pulled me to him. I tried with all my might to escape his grasp but he was to strong. I finally stopped I fell to the ground and realized that my life was over. It seemed like I sat there and sobbing for hours finally some one picks me up and carries me to a room and shuts the door. I am shot in the arm with something and then all went dark. I opened my eyes I was still in the room but, someone else was in the room to I just couldn't make out who. I softly said who are you? They answered saying I am Jana your nurse. I sighed with relief. Can I ask you a question? Sure. When can I leave and where will I go? Well, you are aloud to leave when ever. I would like to leave now then. Let me go talk to the doctor I will be back later. After she left I sat there staring at the walls thinking my life is over. It seemed like ages before she returned. She said that I can leave tomorrow and I will be going to Australia to live with my Uncle Tom. I smiled a little to make her think I was happy but, really I just felt like dying.

*skip to next day*

I awoke really early because I was ready to leave this place of sadness. When the nurse finally came in the get me I asked, who will take me to the airport? We contacted one of your niebors to come over and veil you pack and drive you to the airport the nurse said. I smiled a little to show my thanks. When my neighbor got here I realized it was mr bob. I said hi then he signed a waver so I could leave. I was so relieved to be out of that place. After going home and packing up some things we headed for the airport. After finally getting through security and all that crap I waited in my assigned area to wait to board the plane. It felt like forever but finally it was my turn to board. I thanked Mr. Bob and boarded the plane. I ended up sitting next to some old man and a cranky lady. I was really nervous about going to live with Uncle Tom because I am really shy. The plane finally took off and were in the air. I put in my ear buds and turned on Blink 182. As I sat there I thought about how my life would be there. I had just stopped cutting a week ago but, I was so sad I couldn't help it I went to the bathroom took off all my bracelets and made three large deep cuts. It made me feel a little better. I ran my bloody arm under the sink water it burned so bad!! I rapped it in gauss that I carry in my purse for these reasons and then slid my bracelets back on. I got back to my seat put my ear buds back in and fell asleep.


I know it is a crapy chapter but, hope you like it!

Love you guys💜

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