Boarding school

"No dad don't make me go" your going and that's it my dad boomed at me i started to cry i didn't want to go"


3. The choice

I run down the stairs to let my mum know that i've decided i want to go i hear her and my dad in the kitchen chatting. "Mum i want to go" i say as i run into the kitchen in the middle of their conversation. "Amy that was a bit rude couldn't you see we were talking" "Sorry mum i didn't realise"  "I've forgotten what we were talking about anyway that's good that you've decided to go" "So she's stopped having the grumps then?" my dad said grumpily "Richard don't speak to her like that she misunderstood what we were telling her" My dad rolls his eyes behind my mum's back and mutters something none of us can hear. "Dad you'd be the same" "You two don't argue" "Amy you need to be at the boarding school at 10.00 you've got 2 hours till you need to be there the journey takes one hour so your time is limited to an hour packing so you better get ready" Yes mum i say" hurrying up the stairs when i get into my room i pull open my drawers and pull out all of my socks and underwear and bras and sort them into my suitcase it's a purple one that i had when i was 5 i haven't got a new one i really hope no one makes fun of me because it's quite childish. Then i go into the wardrobe and take out all of my clothes i have quite a lot of clothes but a lot of them are falling to pieces so i can't take them and i'll have to tell mum i need new clothes. I put all of the clothes that are fine into the suitcase i've got dresses tops summer outfits hats all sorts. Most of my clothes are poor quality it's not my mum and dad can't afford them they can but they'd rather have a lot of stuff than the price as i grow out of clothes quite quickly. I pick up my toilet bag and fill it with my toothbrush and toothpaste towels shampoos all that sort of stuff i haven't started my period being 14 years old it is very embarrassing. Next I get some of my stuff that i want to take by choice i can't take it all though because i have so much. I grab a few of my books i've got loads but i've read most of them. After a while i've packed everything i need. I run down the stairs with my suitcase and mum's waiting and there clutched in her hand is my purse which i would of forgotten if she hadn't had it on her right then. "Amy while you're at boarding school you're need money i will monthly send money to you to buy all your shampoos and stuff". "Now we've finished are you ready?" "I'm ready"

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