Boarding school

"No dad don't make me go" your going and that's it my dad boomed at me i started to cry i didn't want to go"


2. Decision

"But dad!" i said. "No buts Amy your going if you like it or not". I start to cry the tear stings my eyelid but this doesn't stop me how dare my parents send me off and then leave it to the last second to tell me. "Fine it's not my fault if you don't want me you could tell me so i can leave if that's how you feel"  My parents both sighed "It's not like that Amy we don't want you to get rid of you" I run up the stairs to my room and slam the door shut i go onto my bed and have a meltdown i soak my pillow but that's the least of my worries right now.  Me and my parents haven't been having a good time together recently my dad is always yelling at me moaning at every little thing i do wrong it's not my fault how was i to know it was wrong? I hear a knock on my bedroom door "Go away" i say. "Amy don't be like this it's for your own good please let me in" I sigh and go and open my bedroom door there is my mum her face is red like she's been crying alot my dads downstairs by himself i can hear him moaning but i choose to ignore him. My mum goes and sits on my bed with me. She puts her arm around me. "Amy this boarding school  is for you you've always said you wanted to go to a boarding school and now's your chance" What the heck is she on about? i haven't been on about wanting to go to boarding school since i was 10 doesn't my parents realise i've changed alot now from when i was 10. "Mum i was 10 when i wanted to go not anymore" "I'm not going to force you to go as i can see it will make us all stressed but it's down to you i would strongly suggest you say yes but i'll leave you for a while to think about it" My mum gets up off of my bed and walks out of the room and leaves me by myself. Boarding school huh i've read stories about Boarding schools they always seem so wonderful in the books but since then i've learned nothings as good as it seems in the books at least it will get me away from mum and dad and i feel guilty especially since my mum spent all that money. I'm going to go i think to myself and i run down the stairs to tell my mum.

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