Boarding school

"No dad don't make me go" your going and that's it my dad boomed at me i started to cry i didn't want to go"


1. The news

I crept out of my bedroom today feels different in a way i can't describe it i just know today something is happening and i'm not going to like it. I've had this power since i was a little girl i can predict what's going to happen before it does and i've always been right nobody can hide a secret from me. Once when i was little my  daddy had bought me a bike for my 5th birthday i thought he had in my head straight away and there it was on the table in the morning i was so happy but now i'm 14 life isn't so great it's no longer surprises i can just predict it's horrible things that i'm going to hate and i can't stop them happening no matter what i do. I suddenly can't bear it any longer so i go downstairs to see my mum and dad sitting together with worried looks on their face. "i don't know how to tell her" my mum said to my dad. They say it so quietly and calmly it makes me tremble with fear. "What?" i say "Your going to boarding school" my dad says.

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