The Value of Oblivion

For the poetry competition.


1. ONE




They told me to tame my wild imaginings

put my demons in a cardboard box

tape it up with facts.

SCIENCE, they screamed

and burnt books in front of me

so little pieces of knowledge fell as ash.


They told me to control the cogs in my mind

rust them up with the dust of everyday life

slow them down.

REALITY, they screamed

and took away my pens and paper

so I wrote with blood and shards of iron.


They told me to fill my ears with candle wax

because the music’s too riddled with memories

to forget.

IGNORANCE, they screamed

and caged me in a sphere of eyes

that face inwards.


They told me to blind myself to beauty

because a flower is prettier picked

and inside.

PROGRESS, they screamed

so I let my flower wither

and die.


They told me

and I listened

and now I’m telling them

because I know now

the value

of oblivion



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