Forever and Always

Hello my name is Emily... I go to college and I met this guy..Isaac. He turns out to be everything I ever needed and then somebody else became close with me, a guy. Would I have feelings for my best friend.... My only friend? Read and let me know what you think!!! Thanks lovelies!!!
-Cheyenne Allen<3


1. Chapter 1

Emily's Pov:

I grab my phone and my bag then head out. My toes are resting through the warm sand and I have my nose in a book. I find myself a bit of a bookworm... oh who am I kidding I am a total bookworm. I am sitting at the beach on this warm beautiful Saturday afternoon in California reading, but it's so peaceful. I am reading the book "All I Need" by my favorite author Susan Colasnti. I all of a sudden hear breathing so I look to my left and see a beautiful guy sitting next to me, like really close to me and I have no ideal who he is. I hurry and look back to my book hoping he didn't see me staring. I am a shy girl at times by the way. I feel him staring at me so I sneak a look just in case and yup he was with his blue eyes, tan athletic body, brown hair, perfect lips and... oh crap, I hurry and look back at my book before he gets weirded out by me staring at him but then again he was staring first.

"Hey my name is Isaac Brooks and you are?" He asked having that adorable voice.

"Uh my name" I stop to think but I get lost in his eyes. "Sorry my name is Emily Smith." I said calmly.

"Wow your name fits you a lot." I look down thinking it was in a bad way. "Beautiful." He said causing me to blush and he smiles. Ep!! He also has a beautiful smile!!!

"Uh thanks" I said placing my bookmark in the book and closed it and looked back at him.

"Your absolutely welcome. Uh are you in college because you look kind of familiar from somewhere? "He asked with his perfect smile.

"Yeah, I go to this college." I said hoping he does too. Y

"Awesome, I do too. Thats why you look so familiar your the girl that is always in the library reading it getting books."He said causing me to get nervous.

"Uh, yeah that's me." I said giving a small smirk.

"Hey don't get nervous for that, I actually find that attractive." He said smiling but then something hit me. Somebody probably made him talk to me because I am such a loser that doesn't have any friends here. All my friends went to a different colleges and now I am a loner.

"Hey I have to ask you something and you have to be completely honest with me." I said giving home my serious look.

"Ok what's the question?" He asked smiling.

"Did anybody like set you up to come talk to me?" I asked.

"What? No, I came over here because I noticed you and I was walking, well jogging, so I decided to come talk to you." He said so honest.

"Oh ok, thanks for the honesty. Do you want to walk on the beach with me?" I asked looking out at the beach and sunset.

"Yeah let's go." He said getting up and held out his hand to help me up. He lifts me and we walk slowly, then I look at him and smile because he was so concentrated looking at the sand.

"Uh Emily, do you want to go to a party with me?" He asked then noticed me staring at him.

"Uh, I don't think it's a good idea to." I said.

"Why?" He asked looking confused.

"I don't drink or anything like that." I said.

"Oh, there will be water and pop there." He said smiling showing his dimples.

"Ok, fine I will go. But!!! Are you drinking?" I asked.

"Only if you want me to." He said.

"No don't drink. Please drink water with me." I said

"Ok I will then." He said smiling and stopped and grabbed a shell off the ground and grabbed my hand then placed it in my palm and closed my fingers around it. I looked into his eyes the whole time... it just caused me to freeze into his beautiful bright blue eyes. I look down at the shell and noticed how much it looks like a heart. After observing it for a while I looked back up smiling at him causing him to smile back. "My heart is always going to be with you everyday." He said looking straight into my eyes. He grabs my free hand and holds it causing sparks to fly around us. We walk towards the ocean and stepped into the water and I have to say this day can't get any better!


I am now in my dorm now thinking about the party then thinking when it is tonight? I grab my phone and here is what I texted him...

"Hey Isaac, I have a question for you."

"What is it? :)"

"What time is the party tonight and when are you coming to get me?"

"Its at 7:30 and I will be there at 7:15pm be ready! ;) you'll have fun. :)"

"Ok thanks :) and I will :)"

*End of conversation*

I get ready since it was 6:25pm, I grab a pair of Abrocombie and Fitch shorts and tank top. I do my makeup and grab some converses and put them on. Next thing I know hear a knock on my door so I go to the door and open it to see his beautiful smile which makes me smile back.

"Come in." I said getting out of his way for him to come in and he walks in.

"Wow you have a cool dorm." He said looking through my room like it's interesting.

"Uh thanks... Are you interested in my dorm?" I asked.

"Yes very much." He said with a small smirk.

"You smile a lot." I said looking at him.

"Is it a crime to smile at a beautiful girl like you?" He asked causing me to blush once again.

"Well I guess not but I am not beautiful." I said then seen him look at me with shock. "What?" I asked like I wasn't expecting that look.

"No your right because you are drop dead gorgeous." He said.

I think to myself should I believe him or not? I just stand there smiling and him smiling back. God Isaac is so cute! Any girl is lucky to have him but not me, I am not the girl he would go after... right back to the party, we have to leave soon or we will be late.

"Uh Isaac?" I said trying to focus on his eyes.

"Yeah?" He asked biting his bottom lip.

"The party." I said. I think he forgot.

"Emily lets not go to the party, lets go get a bite and go to the movies or what I meant was movie then dinner." He said then bit his bottom lip again.

"If you want to, I mean I don't mind." I said confusing myself.

"Awesome, what movie?" He asked.

"You pick." I said. "I want it to be surprised."

"Ok, I have the perfect movie." He said.

As we leave he takes my hand, we walk through the halls with people staring at us with shocked looks but I block them out because maybe u was wrong about him not being into me because he clearly is. We arrive at the movies and he gets tickets for endless love and I smile at him because I've been dying to see this movie. We arrive to a seat in the back with popcorn and our drinks.

"I have been dying to see this." I whispered to him.

"I figured because you look like a girl who enjoys romance movies." He said looking at me.

"Well your right, I am." I said smiling seeing him smile too. He is so perfect at this moment.

We watch the movie and I feel his arm slip behind me. I smiled and leaned close to him and he wrapped his arms around me rubbing my shoulder with his thumb. I feel loved for the first time because my mom and dad were never home, even if they were they avoided me or just yelled at me... they also abused me at times and I would always try to stay at my best friend Lesley's house. I told her everything... I stop thinking about it because I just want to keep the moment right now in my head and I don't have to deal with it anymore, I am in college now.

"Hey Emily are you ok?" Isaac asked.

"What, yeah." I said then felt my face wet. Wait I was crying!! I really need to stop thinking about my parents.

"Are you sure?" He asked causing me to sit up and look and he wiped my face off with his thumb causing me to let a couple more tears fall down my face. He would have to find out sometime, I need to tell him but not yet and not here.

"No but I can't tell you yet." I said seeing him look straight into my eyes.

"Ok I understand." He said giving me a small smile.

"Let's just finish the movie and go to dinner and just have fun." I said smiling.

"Alright." He said then placed his arm behind me rubbing his thumb on my shoulder again soothing me. I lean against him again feeling safe once again.

The movie ends and we go to Applebee's and I order a water and he gets the same. I look at him an I was going to say something but he spoke first.

"Did you like the movie?" He asked looking at me and he looked uncomfortable and so did I because I wanted to sit next to him so I moved over in the booth.

"Yes I loved it, do you want to sit next to me?" I asked and he saw his uncomfortable turn back to comfortable. He gets up and sat next to me and now I felt more comfortable. He took my hand and we waited for the waiter. The waiter arrives to our table with the waters and seen that Isaac has switched spots and he smiled like he knew we were comfy now so we ordered and waited.

"I am glad you loved the movie." He said with a smile.

"I loved it because you were there but I liked it as a movie." I said seeing him look at me.

"Your the only girl I have been with to a romance movie." He said with a small smile, looking into my eyes"

"Really? Because this is the first time I have watched a romance movie in the theater, I normally wait till they are on DVDs." I said smiling.

"But you've saw other movies in the theater?" He asked hoping I have.

"Well a couple with my old best friend but now we don't talk anymore since after high school." I said.

"Oh well then we are going to the movies every... how about Friday's for a date." He said smiling then our food arrives.

"Ok." I said smiling grabbing my plate.


We are heading back to my dorm and when we arrived and I unlocked the door then opened the door we go in. I sit on my bed while he stands then he comes and sits next to me.

"Tonight was amazing." He said looking at me.

"I really liked it, I can't wait till Friday." I said.

"Are second date." He said still looking at me.

"So today was a date?" I asked smiling then looked into his beautiful eyes.

"Of course, why wouldn't it be?" He asked smiling still looking into my eyes.

"I don't know honestly." I said.

"It's so hard not to kiss you right now." He said causing me to smile.

"Then do it." I said not believing I just said that.

"Really?" He asked shocked.

"Yes." I said biting my bottom lip.

He came towards me slowly and he closed his eyes and I did too. This is going to happen my first kiss! Are lips meet and we kissed then it turned into a make out session. We couldn't stop kissing it was so magical. He pulled me over him and he laid on the bed with me French kissing him and we both smile through the kiss. Who knew your first kiss could be the most best but intense. I get off him and lay next to him and he turns and looks at me.

"You know your an amazing kisser?" He said smiling at me.

"No I didn't, you were my first kiss." I said.

"What? I was? How your so beautiful?" He asked in shock about it.

"Yeah, but your a really great kisser too." I said smiling at him.

"Thanks, so are you a virgin still?" He asked so confused.

"Yes." I said staring at the ceiling now. "I have never had a boyfriend because of my parents." I look at him feeling my eyes getting watery.

"Were they strict?" He looks closely at me.

"No, they didn't care about me. They... they abused... m-me." I said having trouble speaking from the sobs and tears falling down my face.

He hurries and gets up and hugs me tightly. "I'm sorry." He said and let's a tear out.

"You don't have to be sorry because you didn't do it." I said then looked at him and wiped his face off with my thumb. "I don't have to go through it anymore since I am here." I said and smiled at him. "With you."

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