This is a story about a young girl who's parents die in a crash so she has to move to LA with her grandpa. She meets 5SOS and falls in love with Ashton Irwin. They start dating and when he grandfather finds out he gets mad because she's 16 and Ash is 21. There are many trials in the relationship and they conquer most..... But are they strong enough to conquer all?


9. Luke

I woke up in a hospital again. Ashton and Calum were beside me. Calum was reading a packet and Ashton was filling out release forms. Luke pinched him when he realized I woke up. Wait... Luke? Why was Luke here?

Ashton walked over to me and I blushed., causing him to blush. We awkwardly stared at each other until Calum said "Annie, you had a panic attack but should be ok to go soon."

"Calum and I are sorry" Ashton said looking down. "We caused this..."

"It's not your fault" I said trying to cheer him up.

Then Luke texted me.



"Are you ok"

"I'm fine"

"Ok. I came as soon as I heard"

"Thanks. Why are you texting me"


"It's just, you're standing right across from me"

"Oh. Because when I try and talk to a girl I have a crush on I freeze up and ruin it :-("



"On me?"


"Are you sure"

"Absolutely. Your sweet and cute and funny."


"Your blushing"

"I am?"

I was. And Calum was trying to read the messages on my phone when I turned it off. Ashton was doing the same to Luke. They were both laughing at me.

Luke is nice and everything but Ashton.

Ashton has dimples.

Ashton has good hair.

Ashton is sweet.

Ashton makes me feel loved.

Ashton make me not cut.

Ashton makes me happy.

Ashton is perfect.

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