This is a story about a young girl who's parents die in a crash so she has to move to LA with her grandpa. She meets 5SOS and falls in love with Ashton Irwin. They start dating and when he grandfather finds out he gets mad because she's 16 and Ash is 21. There are many trials in the relationship and they conquer most..... But are they strong enough to conquer all?


3. Grandpa

I waited for my grandpa and checked my Instagram and Twitter. Nothing new. Then I saw my grandpa with a box of fruit loops- my favorite. That gave me a little hope...

"Hey grandpa! I've missed you!" I smiled as best I could for his sake.

"I've missed you too sweetheart." He looked at me, scanning me for clues of sadness.

"Can we go? The hospital vibes are depressing." I joked.

"Yeah. Just let me sign you out. We need to go by your house so you can get your things then we'll head to the airport" he smiled and walked over to the lady by the counter.

We went out to my grandpa's car and I immediately grabbed the AUX cord. I started playing 'Amnesia' by Five Seconds of Summer.

When we got to my house I went straight to my room and got all my stuff. It wasn't much because we weren't a rich family. Before I went out I went to my bathroom and cut myself.

It was the first time in months but I couldn't help it. I washed my arm and put on all my bracelets. Then I ran out to my grandpa's car, ready to meet my new life in LA.

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